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medical expenses!

October 29th, 2007 at 07:12 pm

Ale came to my room today at 3am, crying because her head hurt so badly...I gave her some Tylenol and let her sleep with me...but it really frightened me because it is the second serious headache in less than 15 days!...needless to say I called the Dr's office at 8:01am!...The doctor saw us around 10:00am..."luckily", it's just a synus infection! (I'm $110 poorer after Dr and meds, but, believe me, from the things I was imagining....I thought she might be developing a tumor or something REALLY scary like that!...)...
I won't lie to you: the lady at the pharmacy left us alone for a few minutes to go get a medicine at another branch they have nearby -well, not REALLY alone, there was another saleslady, but she was tending other customers- and, for one nanosecond my mind went: oh, what if I just took these and ran??...LOL!...wouldn't do it though...I took a toy at a store once, when I was about 4, and I still remember when Mom made me go in and return it AND apologyze to the cashier!...
Anyway, I had to use the rent money that sis gave me, but, I do get paid on Friday, so the rent will get paid then (will have to re-work the numbers for the bonus $$$!)

Tough translation

October 29th, 2007 at 04:26 am

this one was for the office...I definetely need to read up on:

productive development
dairy production
fruit growing
rural electrification
water and sanitation

ack!... it has been very difficult to translate all this...I hate it, as it makes me feel stupid...(on the other hand, one of the reasons I LIKE translating is that it gives me the opportunity to learn about a lot of new topics! I guess I should be grateful!-once I have acquired the vocabulary, it will be much easier!)

Makes me wonder, though, why I always end up with translations when our counterpart has a full-time translator...oh,'s in MY job description!

When good companies go ugly!

October 26th, 2007 at 02:52 pm

not just bad...ugly!...
sis works for a multinational which offers very good working conditions in North America and conditions in South America and has a total leadership vacuum in Central America...

The latest? Due to the performance of sales in the area, they decided to cancel incentives (a.k.a. commissions) for this, the policy that stated that salesreps get sales commissions would be eliminated (the original policy was drawn up in such a way that no-one, at any one time, could get a commission higher than 7% of their monthly salary, and that provided that the whole region achieved the sales goals, which in reality meant that the commissions were closer to 5%).

Now, you'd think this is the type of change in policy that would be communicated to the employees, wouldn't you?....welll, NO. They didn't tell them beforehand. They just added a two-line note about it in this payperiod's deposit notification. ....not only that, but the regional manager actually dodged sis and co-worker's calls all day yesterday...THAT is lack of leadership!...

Now, I'm not saying they don't have a right to say: "sorry, folks, we are not making enough money so we cannot give you your comissions"...but, they should have said it back when they realized this was even a possibility!...

Oh, as an interesting piece of info: ES is the only country in the region that CONSISTENTLY achieves/surpasses the sales goals!-- so sis and co-workers feel insulted and aggravated, because it's not THEIR results that are affecting the overall sales in the region!

In any case, sis was counting on that money to go to the eye doctor and have a new CAT scan, as she's having strange migraines she doesn't have the $$$ (and, no, they don't provide medical insurance!)

Laugh with me!

October 24th, 2007 at 03:34 pm

I received a letter from the bank along with my cc are some parts of it:

we've noticed it's been some months since you last used your cc, so we want to invite you to use your card and, as an incentive, we will give you 2 free tickets to the movie of your choice.((movies cost $3.80/person-normal price...matinee is $2.50 and Wednesdays is $2... ok, keep those figures in your head and be ready to laugh, ok?))...All you have to do i come to our Service Centers and show us vouchers for purchases with your cc totalling $15!

(oh, and the lowest yearly interest rate for cc's in ES is 20%!)

my first "direct" customer!

October 23rd, 2007 at 10:01 pm

...other than the company I used to work for, that is...but, I don't consider them a "direct" customer because they gave me translations BECAUSE I worked with them!...
He's bringing the documents by tomorrow! ...great!

Thank God!

October 23rd, 2007 at 06:24 pm

all my work colleagues are going to Honduras for a regional conference. I'm to stay and "guard the fort"....they leave tomorrow and come back next Monday...I was starting to wonder what I was going to do with myself for 3 whole days (it's slow when they ARE here, imagine with them, and 95% of the people at HQ being gone!), when, the people in HQ decided to send me some translations (these do not mean extra money, as it is part of the job description, but, hey, they'll keep me sane!) LOL!

Heard it in the cafeteria....

October 19th, 2007 at 09:07 pm

from a very good source (finance dept employee!)...our year-end bonus will be paid next pay period!!! (she was warning the bank teller to make sure she had enough cash!)'s not confidential, or anything, everybody knows it's due on payperiod 22....but, since it's my first year here!....

oh, yeah....taxes!

October 19th, 2007 at 07:01 pm

ok, the next two translation jobs will go into my tax fund...I got taxes withheld from my previous workplace and, the translation office withholds them from every payment, but, my "main" office doesn't (is not allowed to, by law!-- being an embassy), but, we (local employees) ARE, of course, required to pay taxes on our salaries....I've skipped putting money aside these past 6 months because, honestly, I needed it for debt!...but, I had already decided that, come November, I would start to put aside a bit for the taxes (although, the way things are going, if I manage to pay off all my cc debt this year, I could easily put together what I need just by taking the $$ that would have gone to the cc's next year!-- filing must be done before April 30th!)
so, yeah, I just made my calculation based on the withholding tables/payment's fairly easy here in ES, as there isn't much you CAN deduct (as a salaried employee, I can discount a maximum of $571 for medical expenses and a maximum of $571 for school doesn't matter whether I have 1 child or 12, $571 is the maximum!--it's ridiculous!)...and that's it....for the translations...not much, really...I'd have to look at the definitions, but, it's VERY limited...

~$700 more!

October 18th, 2007 at 07:19 pm

the latest translation will bring in about $700 after taxes...this one will most likely be paid either by the end of November or early December! Smile

Another payment!

October 18th, 2007 at 02:09 pm

...the translation money is starting to trickle in!...$189.90 this time...already spent $35 in paying the electricity for this month, and today I'm going to go to the bank at noon to pay $98 still outstanding from last month...and tomorrow I will go to pay the $160 due this month, which will make me officially current....why go today and not wait until tomorrow?
1. the longer I have the money, the greater the temptation to buy "just a little thing"....
2. One less day of interest!

$20 lost ...and found

October 17th, 2007 at 04:04 pm

remember the sweat pants?..well, since they didn't have Ale's size that day, the school secretary called me and told me she had kept the $20 bill and would give it to Ale when she got picked up (so she wouldn't lose it during recess or lunch!)...since my niece couldn't go pick her up from school, she enlisted the help of one of her best friends (whom we've all known since they were in 4th grade!)...I called the school to let them know (they do NOT let the children go with anybody, not even a parent, unless you are either on a list of authorized people submitted by the parent enrolling the kid in school or, in cases of emergency, authorized via phone by the parent who enrolled the child!), at the end of the school day, the secretary gives Ale my $20 bill...and since I had given her permission to spend $0.30 out of the change I should have gotten, she tries to buy a $0.30 candy from the store.... at which point her English teacher sees her and takes the money away from her, and gives it to the school counselor her- again for safekeeping-who gives it to the lady in charge of delivering the kids to your car, who gives it to my niece's friend...but, she doesn't give it back to Ale...Ale calls me crying because she feels awful that she lost my $20. I tell her I feel bad, too, but that it's not her fault and she did all the right things...I ask my niece to call her friend and she says she will (but, she doesn't! I know her, she was ashamed to call fearing her friend would think we were accusing her of stealing the money!), today I go to the school and ask the school counselor who confirms Ale's story. I then ask my niece AGAIN to call her friend (they haven't seen each other since last week, as niece was NOT in the house when friend dropped Ale off!)...and, friend confirms she has the $20 and will give it to niece the next time they have classe together at the university!...

Needless to say, I feel VERY relieved that the $20 has turned up!....

On the bright side, while we still need the sweat pants and shirt, we didn't get to spend the change! LOL!

snake in the grass?

October 16th, 2007 at 03:45 pm

cousin is very happy because her son has decided he wants to help her with the toy business and went with her downtown yesterday....I don't know...knowing him, it's probably just a trick to:
1. get her to buy him something (which would be the least serious situation); or
2. get her to lower her guard to steal some money from her (after all, this would allow him to know WHEN she will be picking up the toys, which is to say he'd know when she has cash!)
Isn't it sad that I have these thoughts??

Better safe than sorry, though!

80 pages!

October 12th, 2007 at 09:44 pm

40, really, as I've already spoken to my friend so we can split them!..