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$116 more! (translations)

January 31st, 2008 at 09:03 pm

but, I'll get paid at the beginning of March...
now that I am already doing "March" translations, my average dropped to $913...still, I think my goal of $1K/month average is doable...after all, February hasn't even started yet!

too funny!

January 30th, 2008 at 08:14 pm

I had to share this cartoon in today's local paper...

the cartoon says:
Raise for assembly members

The river says: public opinion

the guy in the boat on the edge of the waterfall: Gentlemen, it's time to reconsider this course...

44% raise?!

January 29th, 2008 at 04:08 am

no, not me (I wish!)...this is the latest scandal in Salvadoran politics: the Legislative Assembly members just gave themselves a 44% pay increase (last year they approved a raise of minimum salary...7%!), the lowest-paid Legislative Assembly member will get a RAISE of $1,800/month!!
Crooks, all of them!...the "funniest" thing about it is that, now that the press has given it coverage, all of them are going: "what? pay increase? where? how? NO, I'm sure I didn't vote for it...never really heard about it until now..." (70/84 voted for it, possible scenario they are all idi0ts and just vote without actually knowing what they're voting on...hmmmm, but, the opposition ALWAYS votes against whatever is put in front of them, so...hmmmm...Oh, and, even the member that signed the cheques said she didn't know about it!!!)...grrrrrrrrrrrr...this has everyone's blood boiling!!...people are asking that they revoke the measure (yeah, right!)...we'll see what happens, but, I just needed to vent!...$1,800!!!! (and minimum salary is $180!!!)...and, guess HOW they'll pay for it...or, rather, guess WHO'll pay for it...yep, "Juan Pueblo" ...
one of them actually said they NEEDED that raise because their current salaries are not enough....really, these people know no shame!

hey, I'm still here!

January 27th, 2008 at 08:08 pm

I know I've been "gone" for almost 2 weeks...there's lots to write about, but my energy seems to be very low lately (emotional stress - we had VIP visitors at the office!)...I'll post a "real" entry once I feel rested!

falling asleep on my face!

January 22nd, 2008 at 07:03 pm

if all of a sudden you see just one letter being repeatedly typed here, I'm asleep on the keyboard!...

the customer with the blurry translation sent a new document...legible this time, Thank God!...which included the 6 original pages and 9 more!... medical and chemical terms...o joy!...I ended it at 10:30pm and went downstairs to connect to the internet to "clean" the translation (that is, to check MY translations against Google to see whether the terms actually exist or whether I made them up! ;P ) ...well, at around 11:10 (when I had 3 pages to go!!!!) the internet went down!!!!...aaaaaaaaaargh!...and I HAD to send it in yesterday (they needed it for today, end of day, but, we have visitors from out of town at the office, which means we will all go out to lunch, which means I don't get to work in my lunch hour!) the time the internet decided to work again, and by the time I finished reviewing the document, it was already 12:50!!! I finished at about 1:05 am, and went to bed at 1:11...I woke up feeling refreshed, but I look terrible (red eyes, yellowish skin)...I need at least 2 hours nap time...not going to happen! Frown ....I've been keeping awake through coffee and candy...bad, bad MI...
(at least dinner last night was broccoli cream, so it KIND OF compensates!)

oh, and the $80 translation turned into $200!

niece got robbed!

January 21st, 2008 at 10:42 pm

Thankfully, they opened (someone else's) car and stole everyone's handbags while they were attending a wedding, so she wasn't harmed...the thieves DID smash the car window, though, and now niece has to replace all her id's (national id, drivers' license, tax id....)...((sigh)) since I had the day off today, I took her to get her national id (step #1 and the cheapest id!- $10.31)...we left the house at 7:30am, dropped Ale off at school, went to the police station to file a report (you need a copy of the report to be able to replace the drivers license) and then to the place where they issue the national id's...we came back at 2:00pm, had lunch and then I went to pick up Ale.. (the other offices close at 4pm, so there wasn't much chance of us making it before closing, the license costs $52...and we don't have that at the moment! --yeah, we DO need an emergency fund!)...((sigh))

$80 more!

January 19th, 2008 at 03:31 am

4 files...lists of chemicals and medicines...ugh!...and the files were scanned....and they looked awful (like photocopies of photocopies of a fax!)...but, managed to read it! -- with a little help from a magnifying glass that a friend gave Ale recently as part as an "insect-catching" kit! Wink

Blogoversary today!!!

January 17th, 2008 at 06:11 pm

join the party!!

I was looking at my very first entry and, I was just supposed to jot down the expenses ....

I was looking at other entries for January 2005 and how bleak my financial situation looked back then...

I'm happy to be where I'm at (although, at times I feel I'm not doing enough!)...and I'm very, very grateful for this site, the wonderful advice and the even more wonderful support I get here!

I need to find some dancing music to celebrate!

"Is that laptop more expensive because it comes in colors?"

January 17th, 2008 at 02:52 pm

there was a full-page, full-color ad for SONY Vaios today in the newspaper...
Ale, it seems, wants her own laptop...
after looking at the prices (the cheapest one was $1,099- don't ask me about specifications, I'm technologically challenged)she said to me:
"that's a lot of money...but maybe I could save for it...right now I only want it for games, but if I take good care of it,it'll last until I'm a teenager and then I'll use it for school stuff...and you know, even if I got a laptop that didn't come in colors, I could always use stickers to make it look nicer"

I just had to share that one!

$35 more for the challenge!

January 16th, 2008 at 08:16 pm

Another translation arrived yesterday night...$35 worth! (which is good because work is crazy, so I'm beat at the end of the day and 4 pages is as much as I could handle anyway!)


New clothes for Ale

January 15th, 2008 at 06:58 pm

well, those new vitamins the Doctor gave her sure are working!...pants that fit her at the beginning of December (before Dr's visit) are now tight...too tight to be comfy...some look like she's wearing capris!...
She has 2 pairs that were way too big (hand-me downs) and one of those fits... the other one is still a bit too loose...

So, on my "to buy" list now are 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair pink pants for Ale! - don't worry, I'll either get them downtown or at a thrift store...the way she's growing, it's no use buying her stuff to last "forever" anyway!

Blessed enough to give

January 14th, 2008 at 04:42 am

so, we started preparing the school packages....we figured out what we needed to buy but, because of prices, we bought "closed dozens" of everything (meaning if we needed 140 units of something, we got a better price by buying 12 dozens= 144)...because we were using up our stock first, there were leftovers from nearly all items!Also, we still had some items from previous years that we had been unable to sell....this allowed us to make 6 complete school packages (because public school doesn't ask for as many things as private ones), which will go to: Nanny, 1 for her daughter and 1 for her grand-daughter; the gardener -Don Felipe works both with cousin and with me- for his 2 sons; and 1 full package each for the 2 guards at the parking lot downtown where we park! - one of them has 2 children, the other has 5. AND, there were 3 each of colored pencils, scissors, lead pencils and sheets of bond paper to give to the guy that looks after my car at Church (I always park in "his" area, and he always saves me a spot!)...what's even better is that we even had some left over backpacks (we've had them for 2 years now, so they are not "in" anymore, we really wouldn't be able to sell them anyway) and, with those and 3 that we "purchased" through a promotion at the supermarket (you get a backpack for $0.99 for every purchase over $25!), we were able to get collect 9 backpacks, too!, essentially, for $2.97 we helped 5 families!...I feel so blessed!

my credit rating must be improving...

January 12th, 2008 at 02:49 pm

I got 2 phone calls yesterday offering me pre-approved is from Evil way, never again!... back in my stupid(er) desperate days I took one of those with them...which I then tried to pay off early....turns out, even if you did pay off early, you were required to pay the full interest as contracted, yeah, thanks but, no thanks!....
the other one was more interesting, as it is a re-fi of my personal loan...I could move some of the higher interest debt into that...we'll see...the only problem might be that I don't know if the Embassy accepts "discount orders" (meaning whether they accept the trouble of discounting the money from your paycheck before giving it to you and paying it directly to the bank)...if they don't, I can't even contemplate it...

but, you know what? even if I don't get it, I don't really need it!... Smile

woo-hoo! school supply packages are a done deal!

January 11th, 2008 at 11:25 pm

140 packages....our profit will be $560/2 = $280 for each one of us!!!...

of course, it means working like crazy during the weekend, but....

I include this in the Teaching Ale about $$ category because, as usual, if she helps out, she'll get paid!

Good news ref School supply sale!

January 10th, 2008 at 04:38 pm of the companies we sold toys to wants 140 school supply packages...these are much simpler packages (read: less effort) than the ones we used to make for the school, plus, they are "a sure thing" (meaning once they've sent us the purchase order, if it says 140, that means they will buy the school we prepared packages and hoped that they would all sell!)...and, while profit on each individual packages will be lower than on the other ones....well, there's 140 of them! so, we end up making about the same amount of money!! -- woo-hoo!