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Ak! The car, again!

September 29th, 2009 at 10:39 pm

Well, Ale just called and said: The car stopped. Er... she means they were driving and the engine stopped, completely... so... now, to take it to the workshop


September 23rd, 2009 at 03:16 pm

this isn't finance related... well, perhaps a bit... "we" just bought a new car!!! ("we" being the office!) It is such a big relief, because, I was given the challenge on 8/28 to make this purchase happen before the closing of the (US) fiscal year 2009... our deadline was 9/22 ...
After many setbacks and running around (with people here saying we needed x,y,z documents and headquarters asking us why we needed x,y,z documents and such)... the final authorization was given yesterday (9/22)!!! YAY!!!... I was really worried, because a lot of this really did not depend on me, but, I knew I would be seen as the most likely "culprit" if this didn't happen. (the thing is, if we couldn't make it come out of this fiscal year funds, we wouldn't get the funds next fiscal year, so, no car!!-- talk about pressure!!!)

So, today, I'm happy! Smile

Oh, to make it finance-related: this was my largest-ever purchase...I've never bought anything THAT expensive, not for the organizations I've worked with, nor for myself!! It was kind of scary!