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new house stuff, for free! (or, is it?)

April 22nd, 2009 at 08:40 am

LOL! Well, sister's ex hubby (SEH) and family are leaving to the US (or so they say... this would be their 3rd "attempt"...oh, they have the papers, they're not migrating illegally, but... SEH always seems to feel that the jobs he finds are somhow "beneath him"... perhaps he thinks his very first job in the US, without fluent English, should be top management?)...anyway... THIS time, they're selling everything (so, maybe he's really committed to the move this time!) ... and, he has given a lot of house stuff to my niece... she's already distributed most of it around the house, and even put some of our stuff away to make space... Most of it is nice...

Now, I'm going to spew my venom... (Obviously, I made this comment to sis, but would never mention it to my niece!)... maybe he thinks this would be free storage IF he decides to come back? (meaning> if he decides to come back, will he ask niece to return it all?) Knowing him, I know he's capable of it... (I really hope he DOES stay this time, and I really hope that, even if he comes back, he doesn't ask niece to return it, mostly, because it would break her heart!)


April 18th, 2009 at 09:06 pm

I bought a pizza dish today... Ale made her first pizza!... I had made a couple for her in the past, but, this time, all I did was measure the flour... oh, yeah, and I did heat up the sauce and added some garlic... everything else she did by herself... she was so proud!... she even asked her cousin (my nephew) to leave 2 pieces so that her other cousin (my niece) could taste it!

Next time, she wants to make the sauce herself... from scratch!

Really, that dish already paid for itself!

Car trouble!

April 15th, 2009 at 11:18 am

Yesterday, when I came back from the dentist's I thought I felt a weird smell on my car... I asked niece to come outside and check it...she didn't smell it...still, I told her to have her "antenitas de vinil" on while driving... yesterday night, when she was returning from work, she heard a PFFFT! in the engine, and opened the hood to find a rust-colored splat... this was about 1 Km from home...and the smell got stronger...since we had spoken about it, she told me as soon as she came in...
Today, I took the car to the workshop in the morning...turns out it was the main hose to the ...cooling system (?)...
they will replace that one, and the other 2, while they're at it... the guy said they didn't look so good, so I decided I don't want to go through this exercise again in the near future... and, they asked if I would OK probing the radiator, just because the "rust colored splat" is water from it, and it looks... well...rusty... so, better look at it NOW instead of later...

So far, the quote is $380, and I'll have my car back at 5pm... YAY! (from the "rubbery" smell, I was thinking engine seals... or worse... )

While it IS a lot of money, again, I must thank God that the time is past when I would have had to sit down and cry because there was NO WAY I could pay for it...now it just means I have to reshuffle/reprogam payments!

A long road ahead!

April 14th, 2009 at 09:11 pm

Well, the doctor started populating what my ex used to call "the teeth map", which is the little graph where they write down where you have cavities and where you've had work done...

It confirmed that the only teeth I have still "untouched" are my canines and my wisdom teeth...

I have at least 2 new cavities and a "?" ... and I will need a crown and I think I counted at least 5 "re-do"... OUCH!!

In the meantime, I'm $116 poorer, but my molar looks pretty again! (I had one molar where the filling on the side had broken off...and it looked terrible...the only reason it didn't hurt was because I already had endodoncy on that molar!)...

Oh, the $116 covers 2 sealants for Ale, the new filling for my molar and a "panoramic x-ray"... (to see just how rotten my teeth REALLY are! ugh!)

I hate going to the dentist!

But, this one is very good, I totally trust her, so, at least that makes it less painful... And, the great news is Ale only needs 1 filling and then I can go alone to my appointments without having to be ashamed in front of my daughter! (I AM a nervous wreck at the dentist... I AM a crybaby... the dentist knows this and lets me cry if I want to... but, we don't want to scare Ale!)

but... my molar looks pretty now!...

so, all in all...I'm still happy!

Eating in

April 10th, 2009 at 07:24 pm

Well, this vacation seems to be all about cooking!

I made Ale some marmahon on Tuesday, pizza on Wednesday, which she loved....then I made some chicken/soy crepes...which were a huge success... yesterday I made split pea soup.... and today sis made a shrimp/crap soup for lunch, and I made carbonara spaghetti for dinner....
Tomorrow we might go out of town....and sis bought all ingredients needed so I can make my chicken/spinach casserole on Sunday!....

Yep, it´s a lot of food, but...there have been no leftovers so far, and, it has been a lot less expensive than it would have been if we had gone out to eat! (with the exception of the seafood soup...perhaps)

I feel like I´m channeling my mom!


April 6th, 2009 at 10:16 am

well.... Ale has 3 cavities...one has to be worked, the other ones will be treated with sealant...
cleaning of her teeth cost me $30

cleaning of mine> $50....

We have another appointment on the 14th to assess MY teeth and fix Ale's cavity...