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car problems again!

June 9th, 2005 at 05:14 pm

Unbelievable! my car is heating up again!!...I refuse to take it back to the same workshop, so I guess I'll have to find a new one...problem is, God only knows how much they will charge...honest, if I'm going to start spending ~$200/month on repairs, I'm better off putting that money into an account and buying a new (used) car!....(needless to say, the ORIGINAL destination for that money was debt repayment!)...
the apartment still hasn't sold, no info on my income tax return - can't talk to a human being at the Ministry of Hacienda, and all the site and the voice mail say is: input, pending review...I filed those taxes on March 29th! you'd think I would have an answer by now! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
It is all soooo frustrating!!

I can do this!

June 3rd, 2005 at 08:37 pm

I am still waiting for the apartment to sell....and for my income-tax return...SO, in view of that, I have decided NOT to wait until Sept to take out a loan from the co-op, but re-finance the one I have right now (which I only have one more installment to pay, on June 15th, for $27), and ask for a new loan ($500)...with this, I will be able to bring 3 accts up to date (and, the total minimum payment on all 3 would be left at $250!)...barring any other "unexpected" expenses (car repairs, illness, etc), I should be able to bring other 2 accts up to date, and to start making payments on yet another again...not the best financial situation, but slightly better than being late with minimum payment for those 2 would be about $200...I'm slowly getting to the point where I will be able to make ALL miminum payments each month...not the best, but certainly better...(yes, this has become my mantra! even the smallest step forward is progress!!)...Once the apartment sells...well, that will be another story...depending on how much is left (after paying for small repairs to the apt and for the Real Estate broker's fee, and other such things, including a loan from my ex!), then I will 1st bring EVERYTHING up to date and then, see what can be paid off with what is left over and will just CLOSE the accounts!! never, ever, ever again will I be in such a financial hole! I have promised myself this!!...I have made "happy numbers" as my cousin calls it (meaning you are optimistic and use the best possible scenario) and I could be free of debt as soon as end of 2007...Of course, "unhappy numbers" carry those debts well over, to give myself hope, I will continue to think happy numbers and aim for 2007!!
I know I have probably posted about this before, probably even using the same numbers and same sing-song, so forgive me, but I hope this time is for real!

By the way: someone posted a message to me reminding me of airline safety: Put on your oxygen mask on first, else you won't be able to help others...I just want to say THANK was an epiphany!! made me see 400% more clearly!! THANKS!!...I'm following your advice! Instead of using that $$ for my sis, I'll use it for myself, to improve my financial situation...if she needs help down the road, I will be in better position to supply the eantime, since I'm doing the grocery shopping, I'm tightening our belts (I spent ~$40 this week - her money, it was supposed to be her turn to shop- instead of the ~$75 that she had budgeted!!...true, our pantry is not as stocked as we are used to, but it isn't empty by any standards!...we have what wee need, no surplus!!)

Wish me luck!

cousin got a temp/ part-time job!

June 3rd, 2005 at 04:19 pm

They asked me if I knew someone that might come to work for a short period (6 to 8 weeks), part-time only, and I suggested my cousin...they didn't even consider anybody else! (which is kind of lucky, because, she's 44 and weighs about 200 lb, and, people here in ES don't like to hire women over 40, especially if they don't look like models!) I think what they liked the most is that she speaks English, so our Project manager won't have to struggle or get someone to be with her whenever they discuss things...also, she will be handling documents both in Spanish and English, so that means the English part of the job does not have to be delegated to me or to the other admin, so we are saving resources....woo-hoo! I'm happy for her! - finally some good news for our family!
With what she'll be making, she can pay for her house and her car loan without problem,and, since she has the afternoons free, she can still go out and sell clothes and all the other stuff she sells. She'll probably have to be a lot more time efficient, but, she could end up making pretty good money these months, which would greatly release the financial strain on her! She starts on Monday...