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Is this an annual thing, then?

February 25th, 2009 at 08:38 pm

I was looking at my blog and it seems I was nesting last January (2008) I'm nesting again!
Like momsents, I'm craving spending...
My obsession right now is Ale's room.
To curve the spending, I decided to MAKE the stuff rather than buy...that way, I get to buy the materials (so, about 35 skeins of yarn + burlap + other stuff as opposed to 1 rug... cost is about the same as a brand new one + labor...BUT, it keeps me busy so I don't go out and keep buying, so it's worth it!)...
I think I'll be done with the rug in about 2 weeks (I've been working on it for 3 weeks now, so the rug has effectively kept me out of the shops for 5 weeks... yay!)...
NEXT, I want to order her books on top of the headboard (it's one of those with little spaces for storing things), so I offered to make her some bookends...we settled on elephant bookends... soft ones (saw the idea somplace)... the great news is I have most of the materials I need already (except for the sand to fill them....) I could either use the fabric left over from the ballet bag, or I could use another fabric I bought at the same time (which I really love,and was hoping to use to make something for myself, maybe a bag...) I can always ask my sis for the right color thread (she sells industrial thread, and she has oodles and oodles of samples...)
which would mean I would achieve my "nesting" goal (something NEW nice and very special for Ale's room)without spending any money! (yay!) ... I have even been working on my pattern...
Now, mind you, this is a project to be stared once the rug is finished! I'll post pictures! (this is what it WILL look like, but the pompons aren't sewn in place yet!)

Oh, ref> the fabrics....
As you can see, the rug is very colorful (one might say technicolor! LOL!), so if I use the hot pink fabric, I'll be "picking up" the pink from the rug...If I use the other fabric... it's bright red (also on the rug) with multicolor mandalas... so...either could work... I'll let Ale decide once I have given her the rug

I would also like to go to the dollar store for some cheap picture frames to build a nice display on her wall... but that IS money...
Oh, and I also saw this wonderful idea
for displaying children's art in their room....they put a "clothesline" against a wall (so, a piece of yarn suspended from 2 nails), with wooden clothespins, and the drawings were hung with the clothepins! so clever... and it looked great, too!)...another NEW thing for Ale's room that wouldn't cost me any additional $$$$ (I do have all the materials!)

HELP! ...oh, and, no, I haven't been watching HGTV, we don't have cable! LOL!

I AM going nuts!

February 24th, 2009 at 10:10 pm

I've been going crazy looking for all my tax letters (the ones from the people I've worked for, stating how much I made, and how much of that they gave to the govmnt)... and I thought I had lost 1 of the I sheepishly wrote to the company requesting a copy...their answer? They have the original, I haven't picked it up yet!

Oh, well, I'll pick it up when I pick up my next check - which should be ready this week/next, at the latest!

Busy, busy!

February 11th, 2009 at 07:11 pm

Well, generally it's relatively quiet and peaceful at my office... enough work to keep me from falling asleep, but not enough to stress me out... GENERALLY... this past 2 weeks have been crazy!
I'm taking a break right now, but I have to put together a binder with info, contract an interprter, make logistical arrangementes for a trip (in country), translate 2 presentations and get at least 4 docs signed ... one of which I accidentally tore! (yikes! I glued it and now it looks as if it had been jammed in the automatic feeder of the photocopy machine and then smoothed out!)...I'm getting calls as to what I'm going to do with some (office) money allocated to cair repairs, which hasn't been used... it SHOULD have been used, I HAVE been sending the car to the workshop... but, since that vendor handles maintenance for all cars, they are SO messed up with documentation, I was told 3 different things yesterday: 1. Office owes 2 installments of $700 each, 2. No, office owes 1 bill for 2 cars totalling $25K...oh, no, no, no...3. Office car has never been serviced...
Er... NO, no alternative is valid. Which basically means they have no idea of what they're invoicing!
Told the girl to try to get things straightened out and I'll call her today... (I will!) Otherwise it looks as if I can't manage the $$$! (as in> why did you require that $900 be allocated and then not use it!) AAAAAAAAARGH!
Oh, translations have subsided a bit (thankfully, I could not survive another week of 8-5 then 6-12, weekends included!)