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July 27th, 2005 at 08:57 pm

The apt is up for sale again...sent a group e-mail to all my friends to let them know so they can forward it to their friends, in case anyone is interested...

I have a 3-day holiday next week...I have decided a great part of that time will be spent at home, de-cluttering and organizing...I have already told DD...I already have an action plan!...

So much to do this week...we have another training (creating and giving new trainings for other dept's of the company is one of our major KPI's) starting tomorrow...guess who's in charge of the logistics! (although, technically, there is someone in charge of logistics, I do the actual grunt work!-yuck!)...and I'm fighting IT over delivery of the PC's I need!!

Oh, well....gotta go! ((sigh))


July 26th, 2005 at 08:56 pm

It makes me mad to see people waste makes me even madder to see people wasting in the name of frugality...just what do I mean?...somebody at the office decided to recycle paper into the printer...and put it in now, I printed a huge document and not one page is usable, because it printed on top of the pre-printed side of the recycled paper!!...whoever tried to put this paper into the printer should have tested that s/he had put it in right...Now I have wasted energy and toner because of this well-intended person...(plus, we generally recycle by using the blank side of the paper to take notes or make drawings of slides, etc...AND, putting the printed paper in the copier dirties the print drum and then THAT needs to be replaced!! about being uninformed!!!)

The apartment deal is off!

July 21st, 2005 at 10:18 pm

The bank did not authorize the loan to our buyer...the apt is back on the market! ((sigh)) ...I am praying that we get a new buyer soon, and that we get a better price for it... In the meantime, I'm fielding calls from creditors once again...((sigh)) ...DD is going to "preparatoria" in the fall, which is more expensive than Kindergarten (without being as expensive as a "real" school)...I am in serious need of cash... Frown
my sister's health insurance has said that they will NOT cover the amount needed for her colon operation...the company has agreed to lend her the $1,600 at no interest but, they will discount $150/month from her salary!!...she could use the SSI hospital again, but, honestly, they have the best machines, but the most overworked doctors and's not a place you want to go to have someone operate on you (they have a history of taking out the wrong kidney, amputating the wrong leg, leaving sponges and gauze inside of you and the like!)...going there for MRI's and CAT Scans is one thing, letting them open you up is a whole other one!!
We'll see what happens in the end!


July 14th, 2005 at 03:55 pm

my sister decided to go to the private practice of the Chief of Neurology of the Social Security cost her $30, but was really, really worth it! He took the time to explain all the exams, he put her back on treatment (which the chief epidemiologist at the SSI had discontinued!) and gave her referrals to the SSI for more tests...He will continue to see her at the SSI but, now she feels confident enough to call him any time she feels something's weird! (after all, now she's HIS patient), things with her are going well...
Her ex decided he's not taking my niece with him to the US after all (she's got the papers, but he "hadn't realized what a hassle it would be to enroll her in school"...duh! did he think he was going to show up with her, say "here she is" and they'd assign her a desk in 10th grade??) But, he will only pay for her tuition here, not for her living expenses, so money will be a little tighter... Frown
The apartment deal still hasn't gone through. We highly suspect the bank doesn't trust our buyer to be able to repay the loan....Fine! just say: "NO" and let's move on! We have given them (Bank and buyer) until the 15th...if we haven't received our money by then, the apt goes back on the market on the 16th! - my b-day, incidentally! ((sigh)) we'll see what happens!
Work has been crazy, all of last week I arrived home between 9:00 and 10:00pm! (and, remember I don't get paid overtime!), my goal for this week is to leave here before 6:30 (I've been leaving at 6:15) no matter what! (the workload HAS decreased, I did finish updating a presentation and updating some manuals, and also inputting the data from the trainings' feedback forms! so that has left me again with only my "normal" administrative duties!)
I have called a friend of mine in the US and will try to go into business with her...we have done this before, while we were both living here, and I think I have a good idea that could be profitable for us both...we'll see...
Am having trouble again paying debts, mainly because I got 2 cc's to the point where they weren't in default anymore, and this awoke a 3rd cc that had been idle in their collections efforts for about 3 months, thereby giving me a respite...((sigh)) I'm fielding calls again...
This month, I have to renew my car registration card ($30) and my US visa ($115)...I think I will renew the visa after August vacation....
The car....well, I went through a whole week of carrying a gallon of water around and re-filling the radiator twice a day....and then, just like that, one day it didn't heat up anymore! - which is really good news, it just annoys me that I don't know what happened!
DD is still in therapy, now we are working on her sucking her middle and ring fingers...I think this will be the last month....She goes on vacation in 2 weeks and I'm thinking of NOT putting her back in therapy after her summer break...that's a savings of $60/month!