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new house stuff, for free! (or, is it?)

April 22nd, 2009 at 03:40 pm

LOL! Well, sister's ex hubby (SEH) and family are leaving to the US (or so they say... this would be their 3rd "attempt"...oh, they have the papers, they're not migrating illegally, but... SEH always seems to feel that the jobs he finds are somhow "beneath him"... perhaps he thinks his very first job in the US, without fluent English, should be top management?)...anyway... THIS time, they're selling everything (so, maybe he's really committed to the move this time!) ... and, he has given a lot of house stuff to my niece... she's already distributed most of it around the house, and even put some of our stuff away to make space... Most of it is nice...

Now, I'm going to spew my venom... (Obviously, I made this comment to sis, but would never mention it to my niece!)... maybe he thinks this would be free storage IF he decides to come back? (meaning> if he decides to come back, will he ask niece to return it all?) Knowing him, I know he's capable of it... (I really hope he DOES stay this time, and I really hope that, even if he comes back, he doesn't ask niece to return it, mostly, because it would break her heart!)

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  1. CouponAddict Says:

    My mom did that to me about 5 years ago, moved five days after my DS was born. She asked my DH to clean out her apartment (I could not do it because of required c-section) in return for cleaning her apartment she said we could take whatever we wanted that she left behind and drop the rest off to good will.

    Not more than 3 months later she comes back and asked not to see my 3 month baby but if we still had her stuff. I gave her back almost everything we had, and now have not heard from her since.

    There was ONE item I did not give back, it was a chair probubly worth $25 which I was using as a feeding chair for the baby. I caulked the chair up to a Storage FEE. Had the chair in Baby's room and everything else was moved into the livingroom for easy pickup. **Hint for Niece**

    Of course had she come in the baby's room to see baby she would have seen chair and I would have given it to her IF she had asked for it then.

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