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A long road ahead!

April 15th, 2009 at 04:11 am

Well, the doctor started populating what my ex used to call "the teeth map", which is the little graph where they write down where you have cavities and where you've had work done...

It confirmed that the only teeth I have still "untouched" are my canines and my wisdom teeth...

I have at least 2 new cavities and a "?" ... and I will need a crown and I think I counted at least 5 "re-do"... OUCH!!

In the meantime, I'm $116 poorer, but my molar looks pretty again! (I had one molar where the filling on the side had broken off...and it looked terrible...the only reason it didn't hurt was because I already had endodoncy on that molar!)...

Oh, the $116 covers 2 sealants for Ale, the new filling for my molar and a "panoramic x-ray"... (to see just how rotten my teeth REALLY are! ugh!)

I hate going to the dentist!

But, this one is very good, I totally trust her, so, at least that makes it less painful... And, the great news is Ale only needs 1 filling and then I can go alone to my appointments without having to be ashamed in front of my daughter! (I AM a nervous wreck at the dentist... I AM a crybaby... the dentist knows this and lets me cry if I want to... but, we don't want to scare Ale!)

but... my molar looks pretty now!...

so, all in all...I'm still happy!

2 Responses to “A long road ahead!”

  1. nance Says:

    Your dental fees are much lower than ours. You got a bargain!

  2. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Congrats on getting through an encounter with the Dentist !! I know some people get really nervous....

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