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cousin got a temp/ part-time job!

June 3rd, 2005 at 04:19 pm

They asked me if I knew someone that might come to work for a short period (6 to 8 weeks), part-time only, and I suggested my cousin...they didn't even consider anybody else! (which is kind of lucky, because, she's 44 and weighs about 200 lb, and, people here in ES don't like to hire women over 40, especially if they don't look like models!) I think what they liked the most is that she speaks English, so our Project manager won't have to struggle or get someone to be with her whenever they discuss things...also, she will be handling documents both in Spanish and English, so that means the English part of the job does not have to be delegated to me or to the other admin, so we are saving resources....woo-hoo! I'm happy for her! - finally some good news for our family!
With what she'll be making, she can pay for her house and her car loan without problem,and, since she has the afternoons free, she can still go out and sell clothes and all the other stuff she sells. She'll probably have to be a lot more time efficient, but, she could end up making pretty good money these months, which would greatly release the financial strain on her! She starts on Monday...

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