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Free of bank debt

January 4th, 2020 at 04:58 am

Finally!!! I paid off the bank (this was old credit card and interest debt) Now, I am NOT debt free... part of the money to pay the bank came from loans from the employee cooperative. BUT, the interest rate is half of that of the bank, and, since this is deducted before my salary is deposited into my account, I cannot default on it!
Soooo... this year will be a year of buying a lot of stuff. In the past 5 years, whatever broke was not repaired or replaced. Now there are a lot of things to be repaired or replaced. Starting with the car! (which is now a necessity, since Ale switched universities and the other one is NOT within walking-distance of our home, and, no matter what the government figures say, crime is still thriving -- and I don´t want to revisit our last experience on a bus, where the driver caused Ale to be thrown off the bus when she was getting out... AND, to go to this new university, Ale would need to take 2 buses, and the point for changing buses is the largest shopping mall in the country --and one where there have been lots of muggings and even kidnappings)
What would be our first "free" payment, then, will go towards fixing our car (hopefully, it CAN be fixed...don´t know what we will do if it can´t... we don´t have enough money for a **new** car, and, right now, I wouldn´t be eligible for a loan, not for a year at least)
so, this is where we are.
We made a list of all needs/wants. And then we put all the info on paydays and fixed expenses on a year planner. Once we had that, we prioritized needs/wants, and started slotting them into the paydays where I would have paid the bank. Ale thinks its stressful, but I tell her it should give her peace of mind to know that we know what we can do and what we cannot do (not all wants made it into the calendar)
All income from translations will go into a separate bank account, for a new (to us) car either in June or November (I get 30% of my year bonus in June, and the remaining 70% in November)
The plan is to save $100/month, sell the old car and use the bonus to try to purchase a new car. If possible, we would do this in June, if not, we will do it in November. I know that waiting until November would mean getting a better car, but, even if it can be fixed, I don´t know if the old car would make it to June.
Wish us luck!

8 Responses to “Free of bank debt”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    Congrats on being free of your bank debt. Smile

  2. Jenn Says:

    How long will it take you to pay off the new loan?

  3. Carol Says:

    Good luck with car plan!

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Oh yes, get that car! Safety first, especially for Ale!

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Isn't it a shame that when things start to break down or go out, it is like an epidemic? Congrats on getting rid of the bank debt. Hope you can find some good deals on the things you need to replace.

  6. miclason Says:

    thanks, all!
    we have set maximum amounts for all the stuff we need, and have identified potential sources for everything. The loan with the cooperative is for 3 years, so, not too long. It may take longer if I "refill", and it might take less if I use the dividends the cooperative gives us each year towards the capital, instead of asking them to deposit it in my account. Once that is done, I REALLY will see a difference! So, this year might be a bit tight, still. Oh, forgot to say that all the money generated by translations will go towards the car fund! (I get the first $20 of the year on 1/13!)

  7. Lucky Robin Says:

    Sounds like a good plan.

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Great job paying the debt!

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