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What would you do with $276 million?... or with $351M?

August 15th, 2018 at 09:42 am

Only in El Salvador!
Believe it or not one ex-president was charged with embezzling $301M.. he has been in jail for 2 years now, and the DA´s office has not been able to find the money trail... So, they offered him a deal: he returns $25M, serves 10 years in prison (of which there 2 will be discounted) and walks free... (it seems that, because of the time that has passed, if they didn´t cut this deal, there was a possiblity of him just walking away with the full $301M, don´t ask me, I´m not a lawyer) So, he keeps $276M of taxpayer´s money.
On the other hand, ANOTHER ex-president made off with $351M. He fled to Nicaragua crying that the investigation into his finances was poitical prosecution, and, Wouldn´t you know it? His buddy Ortega granted him asylum. Put him up in a veritable mansion in Nicaragua (paid by Nicaraguan taxpayers, of course)...Rumor has it the house is now deserted (what with the political unrest, and with him being found guilty), and that he has fled to Albania (apparently, there´s no extradition, and the INTERPOL has no jurisdiction there)
I really... I just hope they rot in hell, I know they definitely have no shame and feel no guilt about this, they probably just laugh at us suckers who paid for all their luxuries. UGH!

4 Responses to “What would you do with $276 million?... or with $351M?”

  1. Banker Gurl Says:

    Wow that is a CRAZY amount of money! I would have no expectations of ever spending it all! I would pay off my house and our two rental properties, buy nice, new vehicles (ours are all over 14 years old), make sure my immediate family is all super comfortable, pay off their houses, etc.....Buy a lake cabin and a boat...put away more then enough for my kids college or whatever they want to do, and lots for us for a cushy retirement. Then do some serious research on where that money can go to help the most people in the best way. There would be a lot left....and it would be a "teach a man to fish" type organization that I would want to set up and fund. Not handouts, but assistance and enabling people to better their own lives....fun to think about!

  2. mumof2 Says:

    I would buy certain family members houses, pay for Uni/college for those who want to go.would help the farmers out (they desperately need it) and would do something for the homeless...cheaper housing that they could afford to buy and live in (no interest) or similar things for them to get back on their feet..maybe affordable rehabs, schooling etc...something to think about...but those men are greedy as are their families...I would keep that one guy in jail until he told us where the money was...if thats his life so be it...and then as a country I wouldn't allow any albanian people or products into our country until they handed him back...so they can decide what is more important to them

  3. miclason Says:

    the first guy poured a lot of money into his businesses (radio companies). They just seized 35+ houses, and they found 48 (luxury) cars. His "main" house is worth 8 million. It even has a soccer field and a chapel (A chapel, really?)... The second one paid for cosmetic surgery for his wife and his mistress (reportedly, the same surgeon that operates on the Kardashians), luxury cars, Rolex watches, Ferragamo shoes, trips...

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Greed knows no bounds. Yikes!

    I like Banker Gurl's idea of setting up an organization to help people help themselves.

    If we had that kind of money, I think we would do a lot of charity work, including paying off our church's mortgage. We have some charities in town I would love to fully fund. Plus, I'd like to help the people in Puerto Rico who are still suffering from last year's hurricane.

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