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March 19th, 2009 at 02:27 am

I haven't been blogging lately... too much going on!
Well, the leftist guerilla turned political party won the elections... 48.X% to 51.X%...67,000 votes difference!... some people are celebrating... some others (like myself) are still holding our breath and wondering what this will REALLY mean for the country...nothing to do now but wait and see, and give them the benefit of the doubt I guess...
I haven't had as many translations, but the studio added 2 new translators, and they asked me to train them, help review their first 3 scripts BEFORE they got sent for review, just to help them get acquainted with the whole system (as well as avoid embarrassment if any turned out not to have a suitable level, they are not professional translators) ... they've done well, and the improvement from translation #1 to #3 is noticeable... from now on, they'll be pretty much on their own!
Oh, and I accidentally erased the WRONG file from my USB drive... did you know files deleted from your USB drive don't go to the recycle bin?? I had to use a special software and was able to recover PART of it! (about 9 pages out of 22!) so that set me back a whole day!!...
went to the Dr. yesterday for a check up and turns out some seemingly insignificant things, added up, means she has strept!...well, the Dr. prescribed us another, several medicines, but he gave us enough medical samples that I didn't have to buy anything! YAY!
They also gave me a list of "pending" vaccines...her 8 year booster shots... OUCH! ...well, obviously we did NOT give her any yesterday (not for at least 15 days!)...Part of me is considering taking her to a public clinic to get the shots...then part of me feels guilty because supplies there are limited and they should really be for people who REALLY can't afford them... (like me, 4 years ago!)....Plus, they DID bruise her there last time!
Ahhh, what to do, what to do?
Sometimes I go crazy, sometimes I could fall asleep on my face...what else is new?!
I started going to the gym and lost about 2 Kg...but I think my body is too comfortable in its current weight, because then I gained 1 back! (at least 1 and not the 2, or, worse yet: 3!)
Sis took Antonio to the vet and he prescribed some cod-smelling medicine for his coat... the label said: palatable for cats and dogs...well, Antonio certainly didn't find it palatable... the first time I tried giving it to him, he ignored me for 2 full days!
Yep, still at it...still fighting the urge! To give in a bit, I bought a small house facade today (you know, the little ornamets that LOOK like a small house facade)... I already hung it on my wall... (it's sooooo pretty!)... I bought that and a couple indigo-dyed ponytail scrunchies for Ale and myself... resisted the urge to buy a bag, a necklace (oh, so pretty) and a metal thingy with pegs... which was beautiful, but that I really wouldn't even know WHERE to put! LOL!
Oh, and I'm almost done with the rug (about 90% done!)

Well...I have to go finish translating now!

I'm always lurking, even if I don't"see" you around!

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  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    You know, I heard on the radio about the leftist party winning the elections in El Salvador, and the first thing I thought of was how it would impact you! Anyways, please take care.

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