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My personal take on the elections in ES

March 19th, 2009 at 03:06 pm

Oh, yes...we knew it would be tight... in fact, our boss made us write down who we thought would win, and by how much...he said he didn't want us to write how we were going to vote, just who we thought would win (he's an american, so it wouldn't have made any difference to, I think it's pretty obvious-from conversations in the past- where each of us stands, so...
anyway, we all said the margin was going to be 2% or less!
(and it was!) it is not a surprise, even the right-wing people were kind of fed up with our party, but, a leftist government in ES is just... well...unthinkable...(if that makes any sense!)

My personal worry is that the president elect will NOT be able to do whatever it is that he intends to do, but that the party allowed him some freedom while on campaign because that was one of his "conditions" to run with them, that they would not try to control him...but, what happens now? Will the party continue to allow him this... or will they demand that he does what they want? If this is the case, and he doesn't want there really something he can do? The Vicepresident elect is the same man that has run for VP for that political party ever since they became a political party (it was ALWAYS the same two, the only reason the other one did not run is he died a couple years ago!, NO, HE hasn't lost his intent of ruling, nor has the party really changed...they only found a fresh face for the party, someone not "tainted" by a war history.... I know what I am going to say will seem horrid to some of you, but, during the campaign, there was a lot of mudslinging, and one of the things that was played up was the VP candidate´s guerrilla past…how he had killed hundreds of people (as per his own account in his autobiographical book), but, to me, that is not really the problem… (nobody can go through 10 years of war and come out clean)…to me, the main problem is that I do not feel he has changed his views… (all those deaths should at least have TAUGHT him something)…there´s absolutely no regrets, but, rather, some pride in what he has done…
Also, while it is true that the now president elect has met with Lula and not with Castro or Chavez….the VP is another matter, he´s always been buddy-buddy with these folks… Now, one might say the VP doesn´t matter, but, let´s face it, he DOES…. I might have read one too many conspiracy theory novels, but I fear that, if the president doesn´t do what the party wants, if he´s too resistant….”something” could happen to him…

As I said in my previous entry, there really isn´t much that we (the people who didn´t vote for him) can do now, other than wait and see….and demand that he proves we were wrong, as a friend says! (and, quite frankly, I think we would all welcome being proved wrong!) ---prove that we were wrong in thinking he doesn´t have the freedom/will to do what he promised to do…

Now, many of you may not understand this “fear” we feel (I know my boss doesn´t!)….
Well, this is not the US, where differences between 1 party and the other one might be huge, but the basic views are the same …

Don´t think our elections were like choosing between Obama and Bush…this was more like…. (Fidel) Castro or Bush… hmmm...or maybe Chavez vs someone, as we say "to the right" of Bush...and, yes, it IS a very polarized society… you can´t “sort of agree” here, you´re either for or against… (foolish, I know!)….

The reason I haven´t blogged about this before is I´m still trying to digest it… not to mention that nothing has changed/will change/can change before June, when the new president comes into power!...

Oh, and, for the time being, at least, the right wing party has promised they will be a “constructive” opposition….(not voting NO on something just because it wasn´t their idea, or leaving theirs seats so that there is no quorum for a vote, for example…the sort of thing the now-ruling party used to do!)

…so, I´ll be writing more once I see what REALLY happens!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal view, I'm not a political analyst nor do I pretend to be knowledgeable enough about politics ...but, hey, it's how I FEEL, so it's valid! LOL!

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