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Sis totalled the (company) car!!

October 22nd, 2008 at 09:28 pm

Sis had an accident 2 weeks ago...thought I had written about it, but not. She ran a stop sign and another car hit her in the back. Luckily, she was not going too fast, and the other car did not hit her hard (the other car just had a dent in his front bumper!), but my sister's car spun around and hit a lightpost (again, God was with her and the pole did not fall on top of the car or anything like that...) The car was destroyed, but sis walked away with only a few bruises...
Today, it is official: the insurance company declared the car a "total loss"...
While sis is feeling better physically, now she's worried about losing her job (she DID run the stop sign... she says she didn't see it... it was a dark corner)...
The only things that MIGHT work for her are>
1. she IS the best sales exec the company has in the region
2. they WERE going to give her a new car anyway, and whatever the insurance company gives them just might be more than what the dealership was going to give them!

It's not much, I know...

As a dark joke I told her she might finally get an answer regarding her raise... like: yeah, we gave you a $50 raise, but we're going to dock it to pay for the car!

(we make this sort of sick jokes when things are going bad!)

3 Responses to “Sis totalled the (company) car!!”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    My friend wrecked a company car and she was 'socially forced to quit.'... the bosses distrusted her, they had a short temper with her, they just kind of saw her as a problem rather than an asset. She knew she could never gain credibility or trust so she quit after a few weeks. BUT! She was new to that job. Only been there a month or so.

  2. Chalatenango Says:

    Car problem in El Salvador don't surprise me. I once rented a really old car and could barely drive a manual transmission. At one of the rotaries, a bus came by and took my bumper. I never noticed it. I tried to look for it, but it was gone. When I turned in the car, the agency had already received the bumper & license place back.
    It was embarrassing. I am a much better driver now...and a lot more careful.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oooh, well, glad your sister is OK though.

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