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Adjusting my debt-repayment dreams

June 13th, 2008 at 09:35 pm

Well, I had secretly hoped to be able to pay off ALL my debt by 12/31/08...and starting Jan 09 debtfree...but, with the tax calculations I made a few days ago, I know I need to "save" about $300/month to pay for that...that means I can NOT pay all proceeds from the translations toward debt...that means I have to delay my plans by 4-6 months...
my NEW dream will be to be debt free before my b-day next year (that means 7/15/09, as my b-day is 7/16)

2 Responses to “Adjusting my debt-repayment dreams”

  1. Yankee Gal Says:

    Excellent plan- I wish you the best in getting the debt monkey off your back!

  2. ktmarvels Says:

    Good luck! I hope you are able to be debt free well before your birthday. Smile

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