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I have no self discipline!

May 6th, 2008 at 08:14 pm

I've been trying to NOT buy soda for lunch for ages...I do well a couple of days and then go back (just so you can imagine how ingrained the soda habit is: my Mom bought our sodas directly from the soda truck...and they gave her the wholesaler price!)...

so, today I decided to face the fact that I lack self discipline: I put $0.30 in my pocket (I needed to buy a tortilla for my lunch, didn't know that they cost $0.05!) to make sure there wasn't enough money for the soda (they are $0.50 each!)...

It worked!!, all I have to do is NOT bring any money to the cafeteria!!! - wish me luck!

6 Responses to “I have no self discipline!”

  1. merch Says:

    You might want to start slow.

    Have soda Mon, Wed, and Fri. Then after that is easy try just Tues and Thurs.

    Then move to one day week.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    good luck, glad I never got soda when I was a kid, so all I drink is water or "adult drinks" at night.

  3. Debora Acevedo Says:

    I'd been soda sober for 9 days. I was drinking soda like water. One piece of advice, do not stop cold turkey. I had pounding headaches for 5 days straight; my body ached and was very irritable. The thought of those pounding headaches has helped resist the urge to drink it. I wish I knew how to limit my soda intake but I don't, so I opted to stop altogether.

  4. aevans1206 Says:

    It's too bad they don't have "soda gum." Ha ha nicotine gum. OK. Maybe I'm not funny Smile

  5. SicilyYoder Says:

    I contract for Gatorade for on eof my jobs, so I work with the Pepsi and Coke guys at least twice a week- I LOVE soda, but I also like water too ( bottled only.) Does your cafeteria make homemade tortillas?

  6. miclason Says:

    yes, they make the tortillas there...but, mind you, these are Salvadoran tortillas...waaaay thicker than Mexican ones!

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