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Now you can use your cc to pay taxes!

March 4th, 2008 at 07:07 am

this is the newest thing here in ES (the news broke yesterday)...now you can use your cc (and even your reward points) to pay your taxes!...

I still don't know what to think about it...

2 Responses to “Now you can use your cc to pay taxes!”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    You've been able to pay taxes with a CC in the US for at least a few years, but they charge you a fee for doing so, so it isn't worth it. I wish I could pay my taxes on a CC and get reward points, but not if I have to pay a fee.

  2. miclason Says:

    well, I think it's kind of scary, if you ask me...precisely because of the fees...I really don't know if you can get reward points, but you can redeem reward points to pay...
    The banks here started offering credits (short-term, like 3-6 months) to pay for taxes a couple of years ago...I guess I should have seen this coming...
    (and, no, I don't plan to use either option to pay for my taxes this year- previous years I got refunds, but this year I KNOW I have to pay, because my place of work doesn't withhold taxes!)

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