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Lots of toys coming our way!

August 7th, 2007 at 01:07 pm

since the other admin at the place where I used to work is going to the US (her papers came through!) with her two daughters, she's leaving all their toys for Ale...she knows we cannot possibly "digest" them all and knows some will be given away and others will be sold...still, it's very nice of her and, I know Ale will be thrilled when she finds out (I still haven't told her!), just like I know my niece is going to have a heart attack! (she thinks there's too much junk as it is...she doesn't understand that, if a toy is in perfect condition, it's generally because it hasn't been played with much, whereas the toys that look like they belong in the garbage are the ones that are truly loved! -- like that Barbi e on the final scene of Toy Story 2, which had half the hair cut off and a rainbow painted on her face!)...oh, well, I guess we'll all have to deal with it!...I'll encourage Ale to give some away to nanny's grand-daughter and, see what she can sell at the next flea market!...this might be the perfect opportunity to earn $$$$ for her account!

1 Responses to “Lots of toys coming our way!”

  1. Parenting Says:

    Wow cool offer...bunch of toys for Ale...gonna be like Toy World... Smile

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