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best toy ever for a 7 year old--free!!

May 27th, 2007 at 04:17 pm

we had our new furniture installed this week at the office (at one point I was sitting on the floor typing on the laptop and answering phones!...I would post pictures, but cameras are forbidden inside the Embassy building...unless you work for security or for the public affairs office!)...anyway, all that furniture came in boxes...HUGE boxes...I picked the biggest one and brought it home for Ale...she´s having a blast!...right now, she´s just laying inside it with her feet on the edge and laughing like crazy!...she´s decorating the interior with hearts and smiley faces (that´s what she´s reporting right now!)...I don´t think Ale would be more entertained if I had brought the most expensive toy in the world!....last night, the thing was a spaceship going "back to her own country, ten countries away from France" (if anybody can tell me where that might be, please do so, I´m terrible at geography!)...ah, the magic of imagination! ...I actually pity the poor kids that have enough toys that do everything for them!...boxes, pots and pans, twigs....those really are the best!

3 Responses to “best toy ever for a 7 year old--free!!”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    My hubby just bought a big t.v. and the kids are loving their new little cardboard house. Wink
    Of course yesterday the little one was fascinated with grandma's shoes - so much he has been talking about them all day. Poor kids just wants some big shoes to play with - LOL.

  2. nitajaye Says:

    I remember as a child scoping out the back of the hardware store for the big boxes. We would take them home and connect them and use smaller boxes for tables and the stove. Everything properly designed. my mom sewed and would let us have material for curtains and table cloths it is one of my fondest memories.

    somehow I don't think playstation or any of those will bring back such smiles.

  3. nance Says:

    We had a gigantic box that a large appliance came in, and cut a door and windows in it for my two little grandsons, ages two and four. They played in it all weekend, and called it "the castle".

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