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Fell behind with some payments! :(

May 1st, 2007 at 05:18 pm

Because I didnīt have my regular income in April, Iīve fallen behind with some (I should have had March paid off by the beginning of April, but, I used the rent money to pay for Ale's school and transport)...1 cc (used that $$ to pay for groceries), the bank loan (used that for gas and the nanny) now of course Iīm trying to play catch up (have half of March rent paid off, so I need to pay for April and half of March by the end of May!)...on a month when I also have to pay for Aleīs school books for next school year (they have to be ordered by end of May, else they wonīt get here before the beginning of August!)...Thank God May is a 3-pay period month! (new job pays every other Thursday, so I will get paid on the 3rd, the 17th and the 31st)...this feels so strange! old job paid on the 15th and the last of the month!...
Anyway, I have been working my numbers and, between paying for the renewal of my car registration and Ale`s school enrollemnt fee, school supplies and Spanish books in July, itīll be a good six months before Iīm able to catch up totally (meaning Iīll be up to date AND making progress, I already paid the cc, but, because of the many fees for missing that 1 payment, only $7 went towards debt!)
Oh, well, itīs worth it, because by 2008, things WILL be very different!

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  1. Amber Says:

    Sorry to hear about that, good luck

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