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January 22nd, 2007 at 08:44 pm

there was an article on school lunch boxes (or, rather, what's in them!) in the newspaper...mentioning how a lot of kids end up getting only junk food, and outlining what a nutritious snack/lunch box should be packed...they even gave a Mon-Fri example, which looked quite yummy!...I'm happy to see that the stuff I pack in Ale's is considered nutritious, perhaps a bit on the "lean" side...but, then, Ale is not a big eater, so packing more would mean waste!, she had some low-fat yogurt and raisins, some fruit nectar (which costs less than the sugar + coloring beverages!) and a bag of pop-corn (to share with friends. I buy her 3 bags every two weeks, so it's not a daily thing)...these were her snacks...her lunch was chicken, rice and veggies....She also takes a half-liter bottle of water every day (which she refills at school), eventhough she doesn't eat much, at least what she eats is well-balanced...and, now that she's only getting $1/week to spend, she really cannot buy too much junk food with that (and, I'm happy to say, she generally picks either fruit juice, potato chips and/or brownies...rather than, say, soda, cheese puffs or candy!)

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  1. JanH Says:

    Sounds like you've set a great example for her! I used to go eat with the kiddoes when they were in elementary school and get so shocked at what kids bring to school or what they buy. I tried to send things that were good for mine, hoping they weren't trading it all away. Looks like you have a great balance and give her fun stuff, too.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    My kids usually take a half a sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread, with 2 slices of organic turkey or ham and a slice of cheese, a fruit, cucumber slices, and cheddar goldfish crackers (baked, not fried). The buy milk at school. Other times they will just take a food thermos with the previous night's dinner leftovers, like pot roast, potatoes and gravy and broccoli/cauliflower, all mixed together. They love it and it is healthier for them.

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