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January 19th, 2007 at 09:37 pm

since my nephew will steal any money within sight, I told cousin I could keep her money at my house and she could come and retrieve it as needed, instead of hiding it around her house (he's alone at the house all day, which means he has around 12 hours daily to search for her hiding places!)...well, the other day I needed $40 to pay the nanny (forgot to withdraw the money from the bank before going home)...since this was before a holiday (Jan 16th), I didn't want to send nanny home without cash, so I took $40 out of cousin's envelope and gave it to nanny...I told cousin and promised to repay her...for one reason or another, I haven't reimbursed her yet...she called me today to remind me that she needs her made me so mad...I told her, yeah, I need MY money, too...she said; "Oh, I know, believe me I'm well aware that I owe you that money"...yeah, well, she's "been aware" for over a year now!...some people! aaaarrrrghhhh!...If I didn't consider it highly unethical, I would just keep the money and tell her to "put it on my tab"...

6 Responses to “The Nerve!”

  1. Amber Says:

    Either way yes she may owe you money, but you took her money with out asking. If you were that concern about the money she owed you should have confronted her prior. I have several people who owe me money but I could not take their money then get angry once they ask about and say put it on my tab (even though I know you did not say it ) it isn't right. Good luck

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Honestly, I could not and would not tolerate a thief under my roof. Family or not. They'd either have to leave for good, change their ways permanently, or spend their days behind bars.

  3. miclason Says:

    Amber, I have confronted her at least a dozen times...she doesnīt get it (or, rather, she chooses not to get it!) was an understanding that I would NOT keep her money...what offends me is the tone she used I was planning on not paying her...she could have called me and just said: please don-t forget to go to the bank today to get my money...but, she said: I need my money, you know....well, yes, she may need her $40, but not as badly as I need my $1,000...besides, during this year (since the phone calls), whenever I have had to ask her for a loan (usually asking her to buy something downtown, for $5-$25), I have never EVER not paid it back, so her tone with me was insulting...SHEīs the one that has created a reputation of not paying...she did this same thing to my sis, calling her to request that my sis pay $2 for some socks my niece had bought from her, while never even mentioning the $300 my sis had to pay to bring cousinīs car payments up to date so they wouldnīt dock sisterīs pay!, whe we owe her money itīs urgent and much needed, but when she owes other people, it is always the last of her priorities (her priorities are as follows--because she has told me-- house payment, internet and cable, cellphone, food, school --ha!--clothes for her son, car payment and THEN "other debts")...which effectively means if ever she has $1,000 LEFT OVER from all the stuff she needs/wants, she might consider paying me...but, God forbid I should be late in paying her $40....she might not be able to repaint her house this year!!
    I was NOT planning on keeping her money...and, the only reason I offered to take it into my house is that whenever her son steals from her, I fall one step lower in her priority scale...

    BA, the kid is banned from our house....even for Xmas and New Years...nanny has strict orders not to let him into the house...if thereīs an emergency of some sort, she has to contact us....he can wait outside...and iīve asked cousin not to bring him...eventhough we still allow her to come and make business phone calls from our phone (we split the bill)....

  4. sarah Says:

    Dealing with difficult family members can be very very stressful. I do understand.

  5. Amber Says:

    You're right Miclason, everything does boils down to a person's puts you in a bad mood if the other person is rude. She sounds like my sister, I wonder if they are related. I hope I did not offend you

    God luck on trying to collect your loan

  6. miclason Says:

    Amber, don't worry. I was not's just that her whole attitude towards debt makes me crazy!...there's $360 that the cc company says it's outstanding, she claims not, and says her previous employer should have the documentation, yet she refuses to go there and get things straightened out...this is obviously on her credit report and keeps her from having access with "the formal banking", which means she has to go to loan sharks or borrow from friends and family...once I asked her if she was sure the previous employer had paid that off (should have come out of her severance payment) and she said they were supposed to deduct it and if they didn't then it was the cc's and the company's problem....NO!'s HER problem, the cc was in HER name...and I cannot believe she's so"complacent" about the whole thing...

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