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Child labor?

January 12th, 2007 at 05:54 pm

unless it's exploitive (?) I am all for kids doing a little work (I used to work 2x a week at my parent's grocery shop)...helps them a lot, I think...Of course, it has to be age appropriate and should not interfere with their studies!

so, Ale helped with the school supply packages...she helped us set up things so we could make the packages (bringing stuff from the boxes to the table: 5 boxes of colored pencils, 5 boxes of jumbo crayons, 5 erasers, etc.) and she helped load/unload the cars (we carried the heavier packages and the papers, which are more delicate, but let her carry the small bags with the bottles of liquid soap and 1/8 gallons of glue, which are light enough for her to handle)...she also promoted the backpacks..which resulted in 5 additional ones being, we decided to give her some money ($5) for her work....since she was just helping because she likes it, it came as a surprise to her...I gave her 5 x $1 notes and told her I wanted her to keep at least $1 for her piggy bank...she thought about it and said: Mommy, I want to keep $3 for the piggy bank and use $2...(Yay!)...when we paid her, the first thing I told her to do was count it...right after she counted it, she separated $3 and gave them to me "for safekeeping until we put it in the piggy bank" and then took the other $2 and placed them in her wallet, as she wanted to use it at school...

I'm so proud!

6 Responses to “Child labor?”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Way to go Mom! She's catching on.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    When I was little (like... 6 years old), there was a small business not far from me where they packaged and sold boxes of crayons.

    I loved going there to "work" by packaging boxes of crayons. The workers there didn't mind, and thought it was amusing, so they let me... until the store owner stopped by. She freaked out and insisted that I never come back.

    However I did get "paid" with a box of crayons and a little doodle pad. Big Grin

  3. fairy74 Says:

    I used to "serve" customers in my grandma's mexican restaurant, I did it mainly because I liked the outfit and we wore little bandanas, which I loved. I think the teenage girls did most of the work but boy did I think I was helping out. I also liked to "sing" along with the mariachis on Saturday nights, I not so sure they thought I was being helpful (let's just say I have never had a BA quality voice!)

  4. tinapbeana Says:

    other than the requisite baby-sitting, my jobs up to age 16 included teaching ballet to 3 year olds, working in a photography studio, and picking bell-peppers for a summer. all but the last one were enjoyable, but the last one paid the best!

  5. DivaJen Says:

    Good for Ale for wanting to save some and spend some. Smile I can remember picking 22 bushels of green beans one summer at my grandparents' farm for 25 cents a bushel. Hard, hard work but I loved getting paid for it!

  6. Broken Arrow Says:

    (let's just say I have never had a BA quality voice!)

    Awww shucks! Stick Out Tongue

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