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payments January 2007

January 7th, 2007 at 09:08 pm

staying on track with my proposed plan and re-working the numbers:

from the toy saleFrown$166)
cc == $50.00
Ale's bed ==to be paid today 070107

From the translation:
cc ($145.80)
technical dictionaries + internet bill(investment in business as per allocation - $145.80)
savings $36.45
donation $36.50

From the school supply sale (?):
cc == $550 (expenses)
Ale's school
car maintenance (tires,brakes and shockabsorbers)
personal loan == $70
Infamous phone bill == $300

Payment due from cousin (!)
infamous phone bill!-- she says she'll give me at least $200... we'll see...this would be put towards cc == $200 (?)
Loan to pay for 2 months of school for her darling Prince last year: $170 ==
additional bedding set for Ale's bed +/-$30 and cc +/- $140

I keep playing around with these numbers!

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  1. sarah Says:

    Keep working on the numbers you'll get there.

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