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Happy New Year !- yeah, I know itīs kind of late!

January 7th, 2007 at 07:40 am

Cousin and I have been working like crazy-- getting up at 6am and going to bed at has paid off, though, we already made enough money to repay the loan to our cousin ($800), got back what we invested (about $300) AND, got $559 each...we may have to reinvest part of that, though!...we'll see how things go, we still have 3 more days, but we donīt want to go crazy like last year!!...

On non-financial related news, nephew R came by the other day....sis and I agree heīs NOT ok...another reason for worry is that we locked ourselves out of the house and he said: no problem...he simply took out some windows (we have the kind that open and shut to let in the air...) and slid sideways through the bars in front of the window (heīs THAT skinny)...took him less than 2 minutes!....I already bought a planter for that window, and, tomorrow I will go out and buy some soil and some thorny plants...I guess it IS financially related, since I will be spending some money on that...((sigh))

well, gotta go to bed...itīs 1:41am already!!

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful 2007 and to let you know Iīm still around!

1 Responses to “Happy New Year !- yeah, I know itīs kind of late!”

  1. sarah Says:

    Its niice to hear from you. I was getting a little concerned

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