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My needs vs wants vs reality this year-end!

November 30th, 2006 at 10:36 am

my needs:

2 new tires for my car ~$70.00
debt ~$3,200*
Ale's bed $140.00
New sheets/bedcover for Ale ~$40
Nanny's Xmas bonus $60.00**

*don't fret, most of this is invested in the toys and will be reimbursed to me once we collect!
**MY part, sis gives her another $60

my wants:
pay off all my debt ~$13.4K (yeah, right!)

Ale's bed ~$450(will probably compromise between the very basic bed and the super mega bedroom set!)

Ale's bike $40-$75
bottle of parfum for me $50 (so NOT going to happen! I have about 100 better uses for $50!)
new bedcover for me! (I have 4, the newest one is 5 years old...definetely NOT a need!)
new towels (mine seem to have disappeared! all I ever find are Ale's!-- must ask nanny, she probably put them away someplace that seems 100% logical to her, but that wouldn't ever occur to me!)
[color=blue] new book for me this one WILL probably be my Xmas gift! yay!)
A book called la Economia explicada a mis hijos, for Ale...again, this one will be a Xmas gift)

A new cellphone (mine is ok...I just want a +gasp+ nicer one! all the ads are getting to me!, don't worry, I can beat this!)

stackable organizing bins - for Ale's toys in my room!...and also for our "work/play area" at home (a section of the living room divided off by a huge bookcase!)
new computer-- another thing that will have to wait...at least ours is back from the dead!

Not too bad...I can live with it! (or, rather, without it!)

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