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Had to fight temptation today...

October 29th, 2006 at 03:16 am

I got a migraine while Ale was at her swim lesson (the heat did it!) and, was all for buying lunch today, just so I wouldn't have to think too much, but, migraine and all I made it home and just put some leftovers in the microwave for Ale and myself...yay, me!
(believe me, the way I was feeling, it IS a great victory!)

4 Responses to “Had to fight temptation today...”

  1. lrjohnson Says:

    I agree that nuking leftovers is a HUGE victory for a migraineur suffering an attack!

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    I know what you mean. NOT taking the easy way out can be such an accomplishment!

  3. chimbleysweep Says:

    Congrats! Now you can pat yourself on the back and feel accomplished!

  4. PRICEPLUS Says:

    I know how bad those migraines can be! I get the diagonal lines in my field of vision when I get them. The pain makes me very uncomfortable! Thank God for leftovers!Wink

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