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Ale's new bed

October 19th, 2006 at 08:19 pm

I decided to buy a simpler bed for Ale, and settled on a Capri Jr, which has a cute headboard...I went to a store that has a special promotion: buy now pay your first installement in December (yes, they are after our Xmas bonuses!)...the bed costs $199 (I should have marched right out, I've seen this exact bed at $165 elsewhere!)...still I asked the saleslady to quote a "6-month,no interest" plan...the don't have, the "normal" plan is $25 downpayment and 12 monthly payments of $19.90 ...that's almost $65 in interest they are collecting! ...they're crazy (or else, they think I am!...
I'll keep searching, thank you!

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  1. LdyFaile Says:

    They don't think you're crazy, just don't think you care to do the math. I know it's worked on me in the past, as long as I can fit the monthly payment into my budget I don't pay attention to how long I have to pay for something. Definately a downfall for me in the past. Keep looking! You'll find it.

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