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I forbade access to my nephew

June 28th, 2006 at 02:00 am

my nephew D (cousin's son) has, as you may already have guessed no regard whatsoever for other people's property/well-being... (this is the one that stole --my cousin says "took without permission"--his mom's car and crashed it, the one that racked up the $1,000 phone bill, the one that keeps hounding my cousin to pay the internet bill because he wants to go on line and chat --and my cousin makes this a 1st priority because at least it keeps him in the house!!)...well, since my OTHER nephew, R (sis' son, who is in rehab) has been home for 3 weeks, due he was recovering from surgery, I haven't worried about D. using the internet or the phone at my place (having "been there, done that", R. is now much more conscious of these things!)...well, R left yesterday to go back into the rehab center (the Doctor said his recovery period is over and can now resume his normal duties at the center), I KNEW there would be trouble today... I gave our nanny specific orders that D. was NOT to use the computer or the phone, or drink our sodas while we are not home...sure enough, he came in today and, without even asking, just sat himself down to the computer...what happened next is a little murky, because there are 2 different versions: the nanny's (which strikes me as more trustworthy) and my cousin's (who claims she was here at the time... she DOES admit he didn't bother asking anybody if he could use the computer...I figure the nanny is too lowly a person to ask and, Ale being only 6 is inconsequential in his mind!)...the nanny says he DID use the computer despite her telling him not cousin (his MOM) says he immediately stopped using it when the nanny told him to...In any case, I already talked to her and, I intend to talk to him, too, is not the $$$, as the line is dedicated and so there are no additional charges...although we COULD talk about additional charges for the's the PRINCIPLE of the matter...I, for one, believe my cousin should have STOPPED paying for the internet the minute the $1,000 phone bill arrived and started applying those $50/month towards repayment...her view of it is: 1.that would have angered him and he would have screamed at her (he's 16!)...2. the internet keeps him inside the house...3. she has to pay anyway because she has a contract, so not paying would only mean late fees for her!..., it is preferrable for her to let ME hanging than deal with her son!!...well, SHE may take that view, but I certainly do not, and I feel he needs a lesson in PRIVATE PROPERTY...the computer belongs to my niece, but, my sister and I pay for the internet service, so it's OUR service and I don't want HIM using about THAT??... I also don't want him anywhere NEAR my phone!...which my cousin is now using to make her business calls (and supposed to give us her share of usage, but, since she hasn't had any income for the last 2 months, has only paid for 1 month...and then, not really for HER whole share!, just for part of it!!)...I get really mad, but, I try to be understanding (with her, I can be, but NOT with him!)...she does need help to get on her feet...she did help me a lot (both monetarily and emotionally) when I lost my job and, she's always willing to help (drive us around, accompany us to Dr's appointments or hospitals during crises, take care of Ale if I don't have a nanny) and, that is stuff that I really appreciate and don't put a price tag, she can help with that sort of thing and we can help with $$$, despite all our difficulties, so I'm willing to do it and not be too picky about her phone bills (it's not like they're exhorbitant, either), but, I am NOT willing to let her son abuse the relationship between our families and, I have told her on several occasions just WHY I'm not in agreement with her approach to the problems with, at least in MY house, he has to obey the rules!! I wish I could PUNCH HIM!!! ARRRRRGHHHHH!...I swear, if he ever disrespects my nanny again like that by disobeying her orders, I'm going to send a letter to the neighborhood administration requesting that security be notified that he is NOT to be allowed into the neighborhood....

7 Responses to “I forbade access to my nephew”

  1. baselle Says:

    You go, girl!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    My goodness, what a spoiled brat that boy is. And I'm kind of thinking the Mom is, too. She is not doing him any favors, or herself for that matter.

    Can't you put some kind of password system in place so that the computer denies him access when he tries to log on? If you are the only one who knows the password to go online, then he can't very well do it without you in the house.

  3. miclason Says:

    I thought about that, but, it would have to be something fairly simple....otherwise Alejandra (my daughter, who is only 6) would also be left without access (she has her own "favorites" folder, she likes to play online at and, then, there really is no guarantee she wouldn't tell him if he asked!)

  4. annab Says:

    Does he live in your house? If not, can you disallow him access to the house while you are not home?

  5. miclason Says:

    He lives about 6 blocks away...the only thing to do would be to lock the door to the house...but, the lock is broken and, if you lock, then you are trapped inside the house! (is on my to-do list!)

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    You could tell the nanny the password and she could let Ale go on when she wanted and then have Ale sign off when she was done so that no one else could take it over from her.

  7. miclason Says:

    er....Ale is (a lot!) more computer saavy than she is...Nanny didn't go past the 1st grade at a Salvadoran public school...and that was over 20 years ago!...I'll have to make it something very simple so Ale can remember on her own!

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