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Birthday party

June 26th, 2006 at 10:14 pm

Well, only a handful of children showed up...but, at least Ale's current best friend was there!...and also some of the ones that have been with her the longest (who are also leaving the preschool at the end of July! gasp!!)...she had a blast, and I guess that's what's important...meanwhile, we had so much food leftover, we've been living off sandwiches, soda and cake the whole weekend (and, yes, I paid dearly for it in the form of a mild migraine --how's THAT for an oxymoron!-- yesterday night!...I'm back to my "normal" diet today...except, I paid $0.33 for a natural fruit juice instead of my usual $0.30 for soda!! ...right now, I think "soda" and my body's reaction is YUEEEECHHH...which is a really good thing!)...
The party itself was fun for the kids, and they even got to make a souvenir to take home at the recycled materials workshop...Alejandra and her friends had a great time, but, if I had to guess who had the most fun, I'd have to say my niece and her friends (all 16-year-olds!)LOL!...the "Bored-out-of-his-mind" award would go to my nephew, who didn't enjoy even the HOuse of Gravity, and spent the whole time complaining because the cafereria was closed and there was no coffee!..I still don't have any pictures, but will post them as soon as I do!

3 Responses to “Birthday party”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    That's great that the party went well. Smile

  2. lrjohnson Says:

    As a fellow migraineur, I understand the idea of mi8ld migraine-mild in comparison to big guys, but still beyond understanding of regular headache folks.

  3. miclason Says:

    LOL!...there was an ad for Bayer's Migraine Aspirin that stated: "Migraines: you don't know what it's like...until you've got one"...the new ones say: I get migraines, my whole family is affected by them (the mom is in a darkened room and the kids are playing in the next room, communicating only through signs and being very very quiet!...father is walking on tiptoes, without shoes!)

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