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powdered milk on sale!

May 23rd, 2006 at 03:00 pm

Anchor milk advertised a sale in the newspaper (full page, full color ad) at $9.95 for a can of 1.8 Kg (13.8 liters), this generally sells for $12.52...I have been buying the Australian (which is good, and much cheaper...their 1.8 Kg, USED to be $9.98... now sells for $11.00...)
I went to one supermarket and asked them to check the price before ringing it up, and, they said $12.52!!!...I told the cashier about the ad on the paper, and she went to get it and showed it to her manager, but he refused to grant the sale price! (needless to say, I'm not going to THAT branch anymore!...not that I ever went regularly before, it was just on my way to church that day!), after church we went to a different supermarket (different chain), and they DID give us the special!!... I bought 2 cans, and, since the sale ends on the 25th, am thinking about getting 2 more (the way Ale drinks milk, believe me, they're worth it!)...of course, this is not on budget, but, it will "even out" over time because we won't have to buy milk for a couple of months (If I get the other 2 cans)

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