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what?? No deadbeats??

February 27th, 2006 at 07:01 pm

wow! what a novel concept: people don't pay because they CAN'T....
In my experience (both with my own debt and with other people's) most of the time you can't afford to pay...and, cc companies and collections agencies tend to think you just don't WANT to...I had one collector once told me - when I said I didn't have money - but, you ARE buying food, are you?...Yes, are you suggesting I should starve my baby to pay you back? I seriously hope that's NOT what you are suggesting!...I've also had similar experiences with other companies/collectors....Actually, the collectors that have been more successful with me in the past haven't been the menacing ones, but the sympathetic ones....not the ones that have said: 'but your minimum payment is $300, and you are offering to pay only $100!'....but the ones that have said: "ok, so you can't cover the minimum payment right now, but are willing to give us $ you have an idea of when you'd be able to make another partial payment?"....
Luckily, I'm at a point right now where I don't get calls anymore and where I can at least be sure I'll have enough for minimum payments...unfortunately, the balance is so precarious right now, that any major disruption (serious illness, decrease in current income level -or, say need to buy a car!) could easily alter that!
(If I were a deadbeat, I'd be drivin around in a brand new car bought with the proceeds of the apartment sale!!...but, NO, I didn't even see that money, I just transferred it straight to the cc's!)

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