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worth looking into??

February 24th, 2006 at 05:12 pm

Yesterday, in the teacher's lounge, somebody mentioned that there is a school that is hiring full-time $800/, that is more or less what I make here, but, if they were willing to throw in Ale's tuition, it might be worth it...the only thing I'm not so sure of is that this is a Catholic school....I'm wary of religious schools in my own experience (the "B" class at the German School was made up of children -like me- who had come from other schools, and, honestly, kids from religious schools tended to be very close-minded and, also, they seemed to me, to be followers rather than leaders....) Being the daughter of a single mother might also pose a problem for Ale at such a, all this is on my mind...I'm thinking I might go there and try to find out...what's the worst that can happen, right??

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  1. DivaJen Says:

    I'm all for exploring possibilities and keeping one's options open. Smile

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