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I haven't done my homework!

February 23rd, 2006 at 02:57 pm

Ugh! I hate to admit this, but, I haven't filed my taxes and I haven't called the call-center from the ad...

I need to call Padre Vito's home to see if they can fax me a copy of the letter detailing my donations (tax deductible)....and, I need to find a phone to make the call (yes, there is one on my desk, but, the acoustics here are soooooo good, I can hear everyone's conversations...and, if I can hear theirs, they most probably can hear mine!...

My goal for TODAY is going to be to make those two phone calls AND post an update!

called the home and they'll fax me a copy! yay! - so my homework for tonight will be to fill out the form so that I can file the taxes tomorrow!! (11:00AM)
I called the call center...they do have part time positions available, a part time is 7 hours a week, you choose your hours...they open from 6am to 10pm every day (Mon -Sun)...they wanted to schedule me for an interview on Tuesday, but I said no, because of the location of their offices (not the best area of town)...I gave the info to the other admin in my area and she already scheduled her interview, so I'll get the info regarding $/hour from her next week!

Ahhhh, the peace that comes when you stop procastinating (sp?)

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