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LOL! I could work at the Help Desk!

February 22nd, 2006 at 07:11 pm

hmmmm....I just helped a very good friend of mine to send me a Word document...first time she ever did that! ...
I have been thinking about call centers a lot lately (mostly, about the Dell call center down the street!)...while it wouldn't be wise to switch jobs to go there (they pay less than what I make here!), it would perhaps be a good idea to see if they have some hours available (I recently saw an ad for another call center that advertised "flexible, customized" hours)...If they pay more than the English lessons, it would be worth changing and going to work for them instead of for the school...I have saved the number, so I'll give them a call today after lunch and see ....what's the worst that can happen? they will not have convenient hours or they will pay less, in which case, I'm ok the way it is OR, they'll have the hours and pay more!!!...

I have to try to schedule a follow-up meeting with my boss regarding the raise/re-classification of my job position....I know HR is going nuts right now with the re-organization and the new systems they've put in place, but, honestly, I cannot wait for them to finish to bring this, I want my boss to know that this is still on my mind!

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