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Recipe for home-made electrolytes fluid

February 21st, 2006 at 10:58 pm

1 liter boiled water (has to be cool)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt

mix well. lasts for 24 hours, after that, throw away the remainder (sp?)

If the person is throwing up, has to be fed by spoonfuls, approx 1 spoonful every minute (even for babies - do NOT feed in baby bottle if baby has vomited)

You can also make some chamomile tea and ad 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 teaspoon salt, for a nicer flavor...

OR, ad lemon juice...also for nicer flavor... (for older kids, for example)

12 Responses to “Recipe for home-made electrolytes fluid”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    Thank you!! It's a MUCH cheaper alternative to using Gatorade or other name brand electrolyte fluids. I'm glad the recipe is normal ingredients I keep on hand.

  2. contrary1 Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Definately putting this one in my homemade remedy files here! I hate Gatorade anyway, besides the price being ridiculous.

  3. Al Says:

    Gatorade doesn't really have the proper amounts of electrolytes. Currently, I'm on a quest to put together the proper amounts of sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and other ions needed to be a true electrolyte replacement drink. Your recipe is a fine copy of Gatorade, but Gatorade isn't a fine example of an electrolyte replacement drink. We could do much better. I know that "salt substitute" is usually mostly potassium chloride. That's a cheap source of food grade potassium. The best magnesium comes as Magnesium Malate... it might be labeled "Malic Acid" at the vitamin store.

    My main point here is that you can make a much healthier drink than merely duplicating Gatorade.


  4. miclason Says:

    Thanks, Al...believe me, I learned to make this recipe long before I even knew Gatorade existed...this was just an "emergency" electrolytes fluid (we were at war and there was curfew....the term "shoot first, ask questions later" DID apply....this was way before cellphones, too!), we were taught that,if someone started with diarrhea/vomiting in the middle of the night or, if there was no way to get to a doctor (think rural areas), then you could give this and help the person stay hydrated until you could get medical assisstance...

  5. Elisha Says:

    Nicely said! and thank you for the recipe. My daughter is seven and received sunstroke which caused her to feel like vomiting, have a headache, fever and chills. We live way out in the country and this recipe has helped her recover. Thank you my friend!

  6. Christina Says:

    Why do you have to boil the water? We use a distiller so I'm assuming that is good enough!?

    Also I will be using agave instead of sugar, will that also be ok?

    thanks much

  7. Brandon Says:

    Christina: Boiling the water helps not only to rid the water of abnormalities/little gross particles, but it helps the solute to dissolve. Try this with cold water and you will have NO success.

  8. miclason Says:

    Also, the sugar is not for taste, together with the salt, it balances the electrolytes.

  9. Adela Says:

    Thanx! A lot for your recipe........why cant I put in my babies bottle????

  10. miclason Says:

    If you put it in the baby bottle, itīll make them vomit, which will make the dehydration worse.

  11. Joe chapman Says:

    So if i sont boil the water will this remedy not work? And if so do i boil it with the salt and sugar?

  12. miclason Says:

    Water from the faucet is not really potable in my country. You boil the water alone, add the salt and sugar once it's cooled. Sorry it took so long to respond, I haven't logged in in quite a while!

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