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February 20th, 2006 at 10:37 pm

the VP asked the other admin and myself to give him a detailed list of all that we do, plus approximate time we dedicate to those tasks each week...thought it would be interesting to post it here:

item avg hours/week
Training logistics -major trainings/ preparation 15
Training logistics -minor trainings/ preparation 6
Training Logistics - assisting other depts 1
Training logistics -major trainings/ feedback data input 10
Training logistics -minor trainings/ feedback data input 9
Training logistics -major & minor trainings/ sorting left-over materials 5
Training Logistics - assisting other depts 1
Training Logistics - process payments for suppliers 2.5
Procurement-Purchasing requisitions 2
Procurement-receipt of purchases 2
Travel- COBUS- pretrip - Directors 2.5
Travel- COBUS- post-trip- Directors 6
Travel-COBUS- bookings/transp- managers 1
Travel-COBUS- bookings/Hotels- managers 1
Travel- COBUS- pretrip - managers 2
Travel- COBUS- post-trip- managers 4
Travel-COBUS- bookings/transp- analysts 1
Travel-COBUS- bookings/Hotels- analysts 1
Travel- COBUS- pretrip - analysts 1
Travel- COBUS- post-trip - analysts 1
Travel-PERSONAL- reimbursement requests- Directors 1
Travel-PERSONAL- bookings/transp-Managers 1
Travel-PERSONAL- bookings/Hotel-Managers 1
Travel-PERSONAL- reimbursement requests- Managers 2
Houses- PAYMENTS- utilities 3
Houses- PAYMENTS- domestic employees 4
Houses- ADMIN- general 3
Filing 1
Personal errands- VH 2
Personal errands- Directors 2
Personal errands- Managers 2
Cars- maintenance- general 2
General- problem solving 2
Translations- SDG 2
Translations- other depts 1

Of course, I don't do ALL things every week...but, this gives you an idea of what my days look like...and I still find the time to log on! LOL!

I don't know what he wants this for...hopefully it's to see if he can get HR to give us raises (yeah, right!- most probably to see if they can add a few things!)

2 Responses to “workload analysis”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    I don't know how you find the time. I could never do all of that and be a single mum at the same time.

  2. jeffrey Says:

    wow - quite impressed here. I thought I was busy, but not like that...

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