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a car is freedom!

February 19th, 2006 at 06:27 pm

at least in this city!!...I have been getting rides to and from work since Thursday, but, had to skip swimming lessons on Saturday, as noone could take us... Frown

I soooo need a car!...a friend's husband-who is in the business of getting you anything and everything you want/need (as long as it's legal and makes him a profit) says he can get me a cheap, good used car (the three B's, as we say here: bueno, bonito y barato)...we'll see...because, obviously, I still have to find a way to finance this without damaging my financial situation too much!...aaaargghhhhh! ...all I needed was 1 more year out of this car!!!...a mechanic is interested in buying it..of course, fixing it is cheaper for him: he gets special prices on the spare parts and he'll be fixing it, since he wants it for his daughters, it's not like he has an urgent need for it, so he can afford to keep it in his workshop and work on it whenever he has time!...he can take 6 months to fix it if he wants to, for example!!...((sigh))...
will let you know how things go on this one!!

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