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no nanny today!!

February 13th, 2006 at 06:48 pm

Nanny is sick, her daughter called yesterday asking if it was ok for her to come on Tuesday....I said yes, eventhough I doubt it she'll show up tomorrow...not if she's been sick all weekend and is going to the Dr's today...
My ex called yesterday to ask whether I knew anything about her (she goes to his house on weekends to do laundry and clean up)...she NEVER fails, so we thought there might be something wrong..
so, anyway, this week might also be expensive, as I will have to use the daycare service at school ...and, since I'm starting a new course this week (I'm teaching), then DD will have to go to my cousin's until my sister can pick her up (daycare closes at 5, sis will probably be free at around 6:30pm)....
We'll see what happens tomorrow...

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