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another expensive week!

February 12th, 2006 at 04:37 am

sometimes, you have no choice but to spend money...Ale got sick...really sick...started vomiting at 12:00 midnight on Monday and didn't stop until 5:00am...had to take her to the Doctor...her regular Dr wasn't in the country, so I took her to the community clinic, but, still, between paying for the visit, the exams and the wasn't as bad as if we had gone to her regular Dr., though, perhaps $30 in more gas and cell phone calls than usual...Friday I went to lunch with a friend - $6 and today was expensive...we ate at BK- $6 and she went to the movies with the scouts, so $4...oh, and I had to go back to the store to get dog food (I didn't have enough cash when I went to the store, and everything was so expensive...) ...I had also promised Ale to buy stuff to make cookies this weekend, so that was an additional $15... unbudgeted expenses for this week: $81!!! (I'm adding the extra $20 that I had to use on Monday just to get the regular stuff!!)... well, now I have to wait until payday...still 4 days away!!!

2 Responses to “another expensive week!”

  1. cercis Says:

    Sorry to hear about the sickness. You got off easier than I did, though. For my 2 boys it ended up being over $70. OUCH! AND DH didn't get a receipt for the copay so I'm not sure how I will submit it to the med reimbursement (he used a doc out of town, so it's not as simple as just running over for a receipt). I'm hoping I get the "explanation of benefits" statement soon and that med reimbursement will accept that.

  2. miclason Says:

    hmmm....could you call and ask them to mail it to you??

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