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PAYDAY!!! - 30/jan/06

January 30th, 2006 at 08:01 pm

it's payday today....I received $214.00 (yes, that's for 2 weeks, no, it's not a typo!!)...they discount the loan (I took to consolidate as much debt as possible) directly from my salary...luckily, they don't discount all at once, but rather half ($80) every two weeks....from the $214.00 I received today I have to: pay Ale's school ($70), fill my car (about $15), buy a phone card for my cell ($2), buy one-week's worth of groceries (~$40), pay for utilities (~$35/ that's my share!)...if you notice, that leaves me about $12.00 to survive until next payday!! (we get paid a monthly bonus of $120 each 15th, which, after taxes,comes to about $90/month) --and people wonder why I get stressed over money!!

1 Responses to “PAYDAY!!! - 30/jan/06”

  1. jorge Says:

    You, my dear, are earning much less than your potential. Classified as an "underearner."
    Get those CV's out, darlin'!

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