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update on school supply sale...

January 9th, 2006 at 07:14 pm

Well, this being our first year doing this, we have had to pay the price of learning: we bought way too much stuff, and sold only about half of what we expected...the good news is: we have already recovered the investment...the bad news is: there is no profit yet, so right now it seems that those 2 weeks of getting up at 6am and going to bed at 1am were for nothing...More good news: we spoke to 3 companies about setting up a special exhibit there so their employees can buy stuff, and they have all agreed to it, and the employees are rather enthusiastic about it, so we expect to make a profit after all!- it will just take about one or two more weeks, and will probably not be as high as we had expected... So, I'll say it went well.... We'll know how much we made from this venture by the end of the month...

Oh, and, GREAT news, I just paid off my American Express card (yipee!) and programmed a payment to pay off another card on the 11th - I want to keep my checking account from going into the overdraft for as long as I can!, now I only have 2 more cc's (and one HUGE loan) to go....

wish me luck!

2 Responses to “update on school supply sale...”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats on paying off the card!!! It must be a fantastic relief. In your journal, you write about all the hard work and effort you have been putting toward it, so the success must be especially sweet. Good luck on the next one.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That's fantastic. Absolutely good news!

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