October 18th, 2005 at 04:43 pm

I checked the acct statement for my CC with the highest interest rate today...min monthly payment for last month was $57, and I paid $100 (less than what I had planned, but then, I had to pay for half the repair of the washing machine!)...well, charges for the month are: $38 membership fee + $27 fraud/theft protection plan (without it, if anyone makes purchases with your cc, YOU are responsible, even if you can prove the thing was stolen!) + $31.99 interests....for a total of $96.99....So, the difference between September's balance and October's balance is $3.81!!!AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!....WILL I EVER BE FREE OF THIS CURSE????....
And, we have to see what to do about our stove (it's 13 years old and 2 of the burners are giving us trouble...we called a tech to fix it and he said it would cost about $ that price, for such an old stove, it's really worth looking into buying a new one...) - ((sigh))

I've already had 8 years of "thin cows"...will this EVER end??

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Can you change the burners yourself? I have--on mine they unplug and you just plug in the new one. The appliance store showed me how on one they had in the store. When I ordered my burners, I paid $17 each for them-$45 for the oven element. For them to fix, it was over $100 (service call). So, now I do it myself.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hmmm...It's a gas stove, and what is giving us problem is the knobs that regulate the one case, if you open the gas it's impossible to close it again, and flames start coming through the know setting as well as from the burner...the other one is not turning at all, so you can't light the flame on that burner...the oven and the two rear burners work well, though, so I'm tempted to just continue using those until the whole stove goes to pieces...but, then, gas stoves can be dangerous when they develop leaks

  3. Anonymous Says:

    um...that fraud thing sounds fishy to me. most of the time it is only a 50 loss you have to incur. that amount of 27 is awfully high. check with the cc company and have them tell you what happens if your card is lost.

    Also ask them how they dispute charges. When you dispute a charge they have to have the place the card was used pull the card and send you a copy of the signature. (unless paying at the pump ata gas station, then it should be on video tape). that amount you pay is ridiculous hig. Whwn you call do not tell them you have the fraud protection on it already as they then have a script they have to read to you, ask what happens if your card is lost or stolen. Whn you file a police report it must be canceled. I also think there is a federal limit of $50 that is the only amount you can be held liable for. Maybe Jeffrey knows? But check that out!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ...Salvadoran laws...the fraud/theft thing means that if you report the card, they give you a report # and note the time of the report and you are not liable for any purchases made after that time...This is a relatively new thing here...before, you were responsible for any purchases until the time where you could submit a WRITTEN report to the cc company (so, if your card got stolen on a Saturday afternoon....)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    US Credit Cards, by law, I believe, YOU are only responsible for the first $50 in fraudulent charges (often times the CC companies even waive this fee, to keep a good customer). They prey on people's fears by offering a Fraud Protection Plan (see Suze Orman she goes in-depth on why these are rip-offs). You pay $27/month or $324 a year for (1) something that probably will not happen; and (2) if it does only costs you $50 (if anything at all) and the phonecall to cancel the card (if you want to go that route) and have your CC company give you a new card number. I personally would cancel the plan and the $324 you're paying for the fraud protection plan. After 10 years that's $3240 wasted, down the drain. Not to mention the $324 a year (plus any finance charges that $27 charge generates per month) you waste.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, no, the $27 is the ANNUAL cost of the theft/fraud insurance thing...they charge it to you in the same month as the renewal of the membership (and, here, you can't "cancel" the cc unless you pay the amount due in full!)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Got it. Next time the annual Fraud Protection option rolls around I'd still pass. Their protection plan doesn't really offer anything extra then what they're supposed to do by law. These misleading statements about giving you $25,000 protection and help in re-establishing your identity is hog-wash. You're only responsible for $50 max in fraudulent charges on your credit card - now if someone opens a credit card in your name or gets a mortgage in your name that's a different matter. You still have to contact the credit agencies and get a police report reporting the identity theft, write your credit card company et al. I doubt your credit card agency is going to go to the Police Station (you have to do it yourself) and file a report for you...since you have to end up doing some of the leg work anyway, you might as well do it all yourself. Go to the FTC web site, click on their Identity Theft button, and follow their instructions and use their sample forms - that's probably all this agency does anyway. Why pay for something which you can do yourself.

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