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Buying cheap will cost you

October 17th, 2005 at 04:15 pm

Lo barato sale caro, my grandmother used to say....well, I have learned that I shouldn't buy shoes for DD at the downtown marketplace...true, they cost me $10....but they lasted 2 months!!...I could have bought her $22-shoes that would have lasted 6 months! (or, long enough for her to outgrow them!)....Oh, well, lesson I have to come up with a plan to replace those $10-shoes (they can be repaired, but, really, is it worth it?? They'll probably last another month...) Best to take the $3 that it would take to repair them and invest them in new shoes....Only, instead of bringing her with me (she has the "expensive eye" thing, like myself...we can look at the whole store and, somehow, we are drawn to the most expensive item....this happens especially when prices are NOT displayed, so, no, it's not like we are price-oriented!), I'll just get her a pair of tennis shoes that are pretty, preferrably pink (her favorite color at the moment) and pay for them...if she doesn't see the other ones, she'll appreciate those ones!...Now, what I'll do is try to find something at the ADOC outlet (ADOC is a very high-quality shoe factory...they make Hush Puppies shoes, and also other good brands...and they have an outlet here, where I bought a pair for myself for $10...of course, the catch is that you have to buy from what is "left over" from the there's not much flexibility as to sizes and styles...)

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