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DHL is nuts!!

October 12th, 2005 at 11:16 pm

A friend of mine sent me a CD via to be a surprise...I got a phone call from DHL yesterday at home, but I wasn't in, so the nanny took a message...I called them today...according to them, I have to pay $5.16 for taxes (ok) and $5.20 for storage at customs (not too ok, but, not much to be done about it)...and, THEY want $41.81 for their work getting it out of customs...ARE THEY NUTS?? ...can't they see that the CD cost $12??...- eventhough I didn't pay for it, I mean... THEY ARE NUTS... I asked them to send me the paperwork...I talked to our customs agent at the company I work for...she says to give her the documents and the $11 for the taxes/storage and she'll get it for me for free (I was expecting her to charge me at least a symbolic rate for it....but, hey, I won't say no to a freebie in this case!!), eventhough I'll spend $11 on the CD, it's still worth it because locally they cost $, pay $52?? ..gotta be kidding me!!
The same thing happened to my boss, he bought a $20 teddy bear and they were charging him $70 to get it out of customs...he said: forget it! they can keep it! (and he's right!)
soooo...maybe I'll get my CD by Friday!! yay!!

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  1. dude Says:

    learn about International shipping law and taxes.
    i am a high school grat and know that you only have to put for personal use and not for resale and avoid taxes and all the bs. Blame your self not your courier.
    Hell i get paid a lot of money for this information.

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