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The sun is shining!!

October 6th, 2005 at 04:51 pm

First, thanks to all for your good wishes/prayers, etc...

It stopped raining yesterday night!! (finally!) and today, we have a fierce sun!! (which I hope lasts at least a few days, so that the earth can dry!)

The area where I live is safe and nothing happened (some houses about 4kms from home were evacuated, because they are built right on the mountain, but, where I lived there was no problem)...40,000+ people are in shelters nationwide and, at last count, there were 62 deaths due is said that we had the equivalent of 30 days of rain in just 4!!-and I believe it!

I'm back at work today - yesterday I couldn't come because the nanny didn't come to work and it was raining too heavily for me to venture out with my daughter!...The nanny says her house is safe - although some houses in her neighborhood were badly damaged...

Now we can begin the re-construction process, clearing away mudslides, rescuing bodies (some of which could not be recovered at the time of the mudslides because of danger to the rescue units), and life can start to return to some sense of normalcy...

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so glad you're ok!!

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