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DD and money

January 24th, 2005 at 04:54 pm

Well, I'd say DD is "getting it" about being careful with money...yesterday, we went to the re-hab center where my nephew is and, as usual, she asked for a soda (she always asks for something or other) and I gave her $1 and told her she'd be given some change...she still can't add or substract....but, then my niece wanted a soda and I told her to go and ask for it and just tell the guy collecting the money that he should take it from DD's money...well, DD came to me very upset, because they had refused to give her her change...I explained to her that it was because she had bought C's soda and she said: "I didn't. She bought a soda all by herself, I didn't get one for her!" I explained that they had charged it to her and not to worry,as I would give her some more money if she wanted something else (she asked for another soda later on....I'm thinking about establishing a $1 or $1.50 per visit for her, as opposed to buying her anything she wants...that way, she'll have to think about what she wants to buy...)...
Later on, N. - who was in charge of collecting the money that day (residents are not allowed to handle money until they reach a certain level, so you don't pay the people manning the shop directly!) came to me and said: Wow! I thought Ale was going to hit me if I didn't give her her money! - just an expression, she was very aggressive about getting her change, but was not violent or inpolite, just very very insistent! (good consumer, defending her rights!)....N's a very gentle guy, I like him a lot...I guess his mom would have a surreal moment if I said this to her, but, he seems to be such a "centered" person...(yes, he's a resident, too, so I KNOW he's not really a centered person....just learning to be, as all of the others are) can really see the difference in them from the time they come into the program...I hope some day someone will look at my nephew and think him a well centerd person, too!! - although, our family is way too crazy for anyone of us to be considered "centered"...LOL!
After the visit was over, DD asked why the residents - and her cousin, specifically - were not allowed to handle money - she has sometimes taken R to the shop, and SHE's in charge of the money, and knows she shouldn't let him touch it!...guards it really well, too! -and I explained to her that he's not allowed because he still doesn't know how to handle it, because he wastes it in things that are bad for him....she looked at me and said: "you know who else can't handle money? Grandma!" ....(great insight! Mom just loves to spend!)...
and, she was going on and on about how she's the only child in her class that is allowed to buy her own fruits and veggies at the marketplace..."all other kids just go with their mommies, but I buy my own food!" LOL!...I hope she's learning!

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