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January 21st, 2005 at 06:21 pm

a couple of weeks ago we had a meeting, and my boss stressed the fact that we need to have more activities as a group...well, I'm sorry, I don't have the money to participate in their group activities...every friday they go out to places that charge at least $5-$6 for a sandwich!!...this would mean that, to go to one Friday lunch I would have to sacrifice for a week and a half...hmmm, don't think so!...their other activities involve mainly drinking and dancing...not that I have anything against that, only that, if I'm going out, I have to pay for a cab for the nanny to go home, which is about $7.00 ....I generally give her $10...if she can haggle with the taxi driver (we don't have meters), then she gets a little extra...but, that means that just going out -even without drinks or "cover" for entry into any place- costs me $10...
They?...well, the expats, besides making almost 3x as much as I make in salaries, receive a per diem to cover food and, the company pays for their house, utilities, maid, car, gas....the locals? the eldest, I think, is about 27, only one of them is married, no children...besides him, all others still live with their parents, as is the custom here, so they don't pay rent or utilities, and only some are required to help with food, basically, their salaries go to buy gas and car expenses, and, the rest is "free" for them to either invest (I hope! for their sake!) or spend as they wish...and they make almost 2x what I make....
With my salary, I have to pay for rent, childcare, utilities, debts (yep, that takes the most of it!), gas and car about living in different worlds!! day, maybe, my boss will ask why I don't go to these things....although, of all of them, he might be the one to understand....if only because he's the only one that actually KNOWS my salary!!

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  1. SicilyYoder Says:

    I have friends that are like that and I've stopped hanging around them because that's what helped get me into debt- well I only have a debit card and one small cc, but I could have paid my student loans off.

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