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Mom's playing games again!

January 20th, 2005 at 11:56 pm

I got a call from the Home today...saying Mom wants some more juice boxes...I delivered 9 of them on Monday...I told them sorry, make a list and I'll call Friday to get it and bring the stuff on Saturday when I go visit...Mom has never been mindful of the fact that we don't have the time (she never "worked"...she helped my Dad with the store some times, but, mostly, she went to her sewing group...she can't see that getting out early from work everyday or just skipping an hour or two in the afternoon can cause you real trouble!), I HATE going to the it is EXPENSIVE to go to the supermarket more than once a week...(see previous post), it is extra fuel to go there...and it's not like I'm swimming in money right now - I would think that's rather obvious!!...
I know that, even if I buy stuff in bulk and bring it over, she'd still be making them call me in the middle of the week...because it's not about the's about the attention...Mom cannot live unless she takes center stage...she's always done that...I'm guessing she's telling them how rotten I am even as I type!! ....
In case you're wondering: no, our relationship was NEVER good...

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  1. SicilyYoder Says:

    I used to do this and run late on my route- but now momma understands that we have to do things on Fridays. Mom's never worked too- but she is a wonderful mom- she just gets bored at being home.

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